Sunday, December 7, 2008

Some serious examinations.........

Unfortunately the Friday night pressie opening didn't happen, so took my Angel parcel down to the Grandies on Sunday night, I let them open the box telling them that my Angel had said that there might be something in there for them, well that box was jam packed with goodies, and they all got some serious examination,

The rotary cutter was recognised, but the guard stumped him, "how can you cut with that?" he wanted to know, while the youngest was rather taken with the "pink measuring thing",

Hmm... a "cup for girls", and the lint roller got the comment of "why is this brush flat, Grandma?", "it's too pick up threads sweetie", "oh yeah, to get them of Yogi". What does that say about my sewing room floor?
Their visitor helped the youngest open the tin of buttons, "I could put some of those shirt things on my shirt"
"Yay, Grandma I have always, for a long time, wanted one of these" he knew straight off what it was and fixed his brother up right off the bat with a glass of water.

The youngest kept giggling and dribbling, little drips of water was all over the floor,
Some very artistic poses went with showing off the 'travellers toothbrush'

Two very pretty, flat beaded stars, the eldest looked them over for a very long time and then asked for one for his bedroom. - We will see about that -

And at the end of it all the youngest made off with the fabric, this little man just loves to fondle fabric, happy as a sandboy when left to poke around one of the scraps drawers, must be a little quilter in the making. He was a bit miffed when I packed up the box, sans their pressies, to go home.

Thank you to a wonderful Angel, you have made this swap a delight. The Grandies really enjoyed opening the parcel and looking at all the wonderful goodies.

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