Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ooops, missed a day......

The embroidery group I have recently joined is having a display this w/end, everyone was asked to take part in the tea-cozie challenge, well I phaffed around and finally setteled on a really cute little shaped tea-cozie that would wrap around a little pot for 2, well I measured, I drafted, I stitched and I experimented, after 2 days of fun ....I mean hard work I re-read the newsletter..............It wasn't to be a tea cozie as such, it was to be something off the wall..........and I had gone down the cutsie road. When will I learn to read twice...well actually at my age probably never...haha. Anyway I have this really cute little cozie for my tiny teapot for me. So with the unstructured life I lead in semi-retirement, with special days for Grandies, Public Holidays, special projects and just "don't wanna do it" days, I missed a day, my cutsie teapot and I missed the needlework meeting........can you believe it??..I guess in pennance I will go put myself on the roster for clean up duty, the lowest of the low duties.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Botanical Gardens

Early arrival of 2 beaming faces, just waiting to begin the days fun. Plans to make, which park to visit?, what and where for lunch?, what games to play? but foremost was a visit to the $2 shop. Mum said we had to be all done by 12.00, we played hard and managed to squash in, a play in the sandpit, building a castle in the lounge with a game of basketball - also in the loungeroom, a spiderman game, a flying blondie game, then a shower to get rid of the sand from the nickers and off to the botanical gardens, playing I Spy all the way

We found a wonderful pond to chuck rocks, skip flat stones, thank you Grandad, and "fish", that one took a bit of imagination

A further walk up the rise to a large flat grassy area where we found this, a ring of stones, each stone higher and harder to climb with a bigger area of slippery polished stone, over its top, a real challenge.
and at the center, this great work of art, symbolising the ring of stones.,

a great place to perch for a victory pic.

A little further on a shady dell with games to play, like this game of noughts and crossesThe youngest Grandie took this pic of the native violets, 'cause Grandma likes flowers

Then on to the frog pond where we found this great paver, just waiting for little feet.

We were then able to stand and watch the golfers go by on the course next door and Grandad gave a lesson on what all the little blue, white and yellow markers meant.
Then up the hill into the bushland for a wonderful adventure, lots of things to look out for, too many to list, but here are just a few, a sound stage complete with robots

Wallabies to discover and pat

Spiders and other insects to find overhead, a bit of a difficult piccie this.

and the name of the walk was

Whip Bird Walk, symbolised by the bird with the whip or as littlest read the sign, "this is wild bird fun place to make you too tired."

So back into the car, and off to the $2 shop where swords, treasure chest, golf game and magnifiying glasses were bought, inspired by this little bit of fun, and yes, the magnifiers will be staying at our house.

We stopped off at the foodstore to gather supplies for lunch and of course ice-creams and a few of those mini little choccie bars.

Home to quickly assemble toasted Ham & Cheese Sandwiches, Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Milkshakes and Lunch on table by 11.45. Yay for us.

We all then staggered into the T.V. lounge to watch "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", with Johnnie Depp, we all love this movie, although the youngest gets scared of the beginning, (really that fall down the air vent is a bit o.t.t..) it's a great excuse for us all to cuddle up on the couch and Grandma can rest her eyelids.

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Grandies are coming..........

After a day of quilting and designing, got a call from the D.I.L., she has shopping on her mind for tomorow and could we have the Grandies?, you betcha!, .....

Went a bit mad this a.m. and ordered a couple of books from Amazon, one on Japanese Optical and Geometrical Art fromHajime Ouchi, no don't try to look inside, go to amazon for that, if I was more skilled it might be a happening event, but not today.

and the other, Notan: The Dark-Light Principle of Design by Dorr Bothwell

Looking forward to receiving these, going on others opinions, but hopefully they should help the designing along a little, also ordered another CD of Chinese music, "Masterpieces of Chinese Traditional Music", got hooked on Chinese Tea Music a couple of years back, it's very relaxing, just great to be playing in the background while quilting.

Wash day........again?!

A couple of happy faces turned to dismay when they realised that no, wer'e not off for a ride, its wash day again, as they watch the trailer reversing into the driveway

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Morning Coffee

This morning off to coffee at a friends house........with cupcakes and her beautiful homemade biscuits. Yum, so dainty. Beautiful setting for coffee and cake on her veranda,

and then a walk to the bottom of the garden, down the terraces through the rain forrest to a creek babbling along the bottom of the small valley.

Where I found a lovely little native violet. So pretty and so tiny.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

What is it?

Went for lunch with Eldest on Saturday, he has a new toy, it comes with its own sock

Shows you where to go and how to get there,

Lets you surf the net, here showing piccie from son's flickr site.
You can use it to take more piccies for flickr.

....and you can communicate with friend, family and others on it, yep a new mobile phone, as son says just jam packed with features he will never use.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Not at all well..........

this young magpie has a deformed or injured foot and a crook leg as well, tried to gather him up on Friday to take him to the Vet but didn't see the Shitzu creeping up behind. This morning he was on the balcony outside our bedroom, looking a bit worse for wear, When we approached with meat he was right onto it, came forward with an alarming wobble and landed on the deck, tossed a lump of mince to him which was quickly gathered up but not eaten, we thought the lump was too big so tossed a small morsel of mince, he dropped the beakfull of mince, shook his head a couple of times and an old dried kernel of a palm seed flew from his beak, the poor thing must have been desperate to try and eat that. The mince was gobbled up as fast as we could toss it with quite a few morsels caught in mid-air. Flying mince to beak co-ordination - 10.

Full tummy and resting.

Darling cut notches out of a plastic box to fit over the rungs of the ladder and fashioned a perch for him, where he settled and we left him for the rest of the day, he was gone when we returned home. If he visits tomorow he will be fed again, and for as long as is needed.

Magpie penthouse?, evidence when we returned home, it was used.

Quilt Colours from Nature

Re-visited the Quilt Show site, back at episode 103, Joen Wolfrom was showing how she takes nature photos and uses the colours for her quilts, one of the pics was taken on long exposure and the camera wriggled around in small circles, the effect was to blur the detail and highlight the colours, now I know my camera has exposure settings but thats all I know, so I took this pic from my back window and just moved the camera downwards, blurring the picture, quite an effective way of highlighting the colours

This is a pic of the same view with just a small amount of camera movement and one with no movement. The colours are more intense with the badly blurred pic.

Poor Hungry Doggie

Isn't this just the saddest doggie face ever, he gobbles down his food so fast, the other dogs are still eating, he thinks he doesn't get as much, so always comes into the kitchen to ask for more, he has lots of weight to loose, so gets at least a half a cup of raw cabbage wizzed up to mush and poured over his food. It was working, he lost about 2 kilos but then I went back to the old recipe for their food, too many carbs for this chap, but needed for the black dog, she is failing and needs the fuel. So it now looks like 3 different recipes for dog dinners, the Shitzu is very fussy about what vegies he will eat and likes a diet heavy with protein, no rice but will eat pasta, go figure! And the raw cabbage?, no, not a problem, doesn't make him windy at all.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

First Sleepover

The Grandies have been asking for quite a while now to have a sleepover, but its not so easy, no spare rooms upstairs. Support Team wanted a night out with friends so took the bit between my teeth and made the offer, if the kiddies would kip on the couches they could sleep over, well what fun, we all had a ball and everyone's exhausted.

They sat on the kitchen bench and cooked dinner, set the table for a party, including lots of candles, and took pics of everything.
Candles for the table, lots more scattered around the verandah.
Youngest's teddy bear noodles,
This little man will not eat lumps of anything, especially meat, and there was both bacon and chicken in the sauce along with lots of vegies, so through the blender and presto, "creamy" sauce, didn't look too good but went down a treat.

especially using his uncles baby food pusher, kind of chair lifts the noodles to the mouth.

Early next morning, trying to convince Grandad that the day had begun, hot chocolate and coffee in bed was all the go. he was particularly pleased with this shot of his hot chocolate

it will take days to sort and edit all the piccies taken.

Tower was built by eldest Grandson before going to bed, he wanted it to stand all night, 5 a.m. just awake and straight out to check it's still standing.

Smile says it all.

Another bed head.
The big plan was to visit the $2 shops this morning, always a favourite treat, we managed to fill the morning, pikelets and bacon with maple syrup for breakfast, lots of games, and then showered shampooed and heading down the stairs when we realised no car seats.......big disappointment, so opted for a walk to the park and then on to the foodstore for an ice-cream, imagine the disappointment when we encountered this........

This is a major road, there is no way that we could cross without lights, and there arn't any for miles, we just stood there, and little bottom lips were starting to get a bit droopy, but one of the men came up and told us to go down to the front of the truck and another chap would stop the traffic and lead us around, a very big thank you SEQEB workers, a second disappointment was averted thanks to their kindness too two little boys.The boys suggested a bag of lollies for the workers, duly bought and given to the guy who stopped the traffic.

Grandie No. 1 spotted Black Log Cabin quilt top and put in a bid for it, gave him the black and purple 9-patch swap blocks to arrange on the design wall and he can have that, I have 4 quilts on that wall, hope nothing gets in the way next week, just wanna quilt, quilt quilt. have all the extras needed so should be straight sailing.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Rats......more breakdowns and damages

Well for pitys sake, it's about time this all ended.....yes it is.....first the computer and camera and now the vaccum gives up the ghost and a paint chip off the front edge of my new Janome 6500, must have smacked it with something hard - scissors maybe?

Phoned Janome Brisbane, who proved to be just wonderful, no paint to sell but Deb arranged for a small container of paint to be posted to me, Thanks so much Deb.

Was really distressed about the chip, these things tend to grow if left on their own, but now you can't even see where it was, oh all right, if you put your specs on you can, but just barely, did a great repair job if I do say so myself.

And the vac.....this vac was bought about a year ago to make sure that the house was schmick clean, it was thought at the time that I might be alergic to house dust, it is so powerful that you can turn it on in the middle of the room and the dust bunnies just give up and run up the tube, honest they do.

It had to go in for repair a couple of months ago and while it was away I realised that the dirt filled bag was still in the cleaner, "ohh how embarrasment" as Effie would say, so next time it had to go back, I made sure to put in a nice new bag. Vac comes home and did I check it out?, no!, just plugged it in and zoomed around the floors, and zoomed and zoomed, sort of wondered about the bag not showing full but put that down to the fact that we had taken up all the mats from the living areas (Puppy problems, but thats another story) anyway last week the vac made this sort of sick whirry, noise, and stopped, opened it up and NO DUST BAG, O.M.G.! lots of dust and dog fur, but no bag. Rushed and got emergency vac, took out the filters and wiped and vac'ed but at the end of it all, realised I was too chicken to plug it in and give it a go, so had to 'fess up.

Fast forward a week and the lovely people at Miele have fixed vac,it is due home on Monday, I will be so pleased to see its shinny grey self, emergency vac is so much lighter to use but you have to chase down the bunnies and corner 'em, much harder work.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Overcast day after rains last night.........

decided to take a dog for a walk along Mooloolaba Boardwalk, lots of lovely shady areas and pretty access walks to the beach.

The kiddies quiet play area is undergoing another facelift getting a new paint job. Its a lovely bright play area for the younger set and plenty of nearby seating and B.B.Q's for the rest of the families.
This pic shows the extensive decking and seating around our award winning "Loo with a View" off to the side of the play area.
Lots of rain last night and looks like more to come.Those short little legs walked for almost an hour, he's pooped.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Rainy Sunday

Showers today, a great excuse to stay indoors to quilt and watch movies. Watched "FindingNeverland", with Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet,a bit of a tearjerk story of James Barrie and the writing of Peter Pan, then went straight into Eight Below, brilliant scenery with more tears and one really big scare when the dogs happen upon a feast - well nothing comes easy.

Then a walk along the river where there are a number of private fishing jetties in varying stages of repair, from the named and manintained.......... the barely hanging together with the help of some fencing wire.

There are all manner of water craft for hire, tinnies,, surfskis, jetskis, and sailboats , and council run B.B.Q'S on the riverbank, the B.B.Q. boats are great, we took one out with 10 or 11 and had plenty of room, fishing, eating - yep the whole B.B.Q. bit, great fun.
Oh well, back to the sewing room, which needs a bit of a tidy up according to the youngest Grandie, that boy is on a neat binge.