Friday, May 30, 2008

Sunrise on the Beach

Was awake at a really disgusting time on Wednesday, so after playing on the computer for quite a while, for some crazy reason or other I decided to go photograph the sunrise over the beach, well that was a dumb idea, why didn't I look up before leaving the house? o.k. so it was still dark but surely the clouds would have shown, anyway although the sunrise was pastel and hiding behind the fluffy whites er...grays I still like the piccies.

Monday, May 26, 2008

A Treatie for Me.....

Went shopping for gifts for others today and saw this little bit of frippery, it's a stand for a mobile cute, how pretty, my piccies do not do it justice, and now its mine, (she says grinning from ear to ear.)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Grandies Quilt.

Got a call to look after the youngest Grandson while Mum went to the dentist.
He wasn't even to the top of the stairs when he put the request in to make a quilt, so off we went to the sewing room.

He chose this piece of fabric and wanted to decorate it with stars, so with a bit of help with the scissors. he cut out some vliesifixed stars and pressed them to the fabric, counting the seconds off for afixing the stars, and keeping those tiny fingers well away from the iron.
He was anxious to get on with the sewing part of it, so only a few stars made it.

We then machined a couple of lines of patterned stitches before we had to stop because the dog washer arrived and that was too much fun to be missed out on.

and his favourite bit?, the birds nest on the back, he thinks Grandma is so clever doing something that cool, he even showed the whole thing to the dog washer, who bless his heart, duly admired and praised the "quilt"

Black Quilt top

finally finished, yesterday I decided to piece a backing, had one meter of fabric with a flame type pattern, no idea where it was purchased so decided to do a striped, pieced background, still mucking around with the configuration, not quite enough of anything, but will make it work. Purchased a spool of machine embroidery thread to quilt this little sucker with, this is my first attempt at winding the bobbin, hmm, looks a little loose to me, yadda ya think?the thread is a Robison-Anton, "Twisted Tweed" polyester, two threads twisted together, I then wound a bit onto another bobin by hand and had a bit of success with that, I can see a big learning curve looming with lots of practicing needed. That should keep me out of mischief!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mystery top

Well here is the Mystery Quilt top, all stitched together, with a 2" first border, just got to decide on the outer border/s and then quilt it, have a few extra H.S.T.'s so am thinking of turning them into quarter square triangle blocks and setting them on point for the border. Just got to finish the Black Quilt now. Hopefully I will be able to attach the borders tomorrow and then sandwich and quilt next week. Need to practice a bit more free motion quilting first though, bit nervous about that.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Morning Song......

we were woken this morning by a beautiful song from this trio......singing for their breakfast. Then a call from the Grandies, "we're bored, can you come and pick us up?"

So home to make chocolate crackles,

and here we are with the finished product.

some without coconut....

and some with, Mum and Dad like the coconut version.

Now off to Merlots for lunch and then on to the toy store. That should take care of the day.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Mystery Quilt,

Finished the Mystery Quilt Blocks and am now assembling them, one of the background fabrics is very soft and moves a bit, has caused a few problems getting my points to all join up satisfactorily, not perfectly mind, just satisfactorily. Will concentrate on perfect some other perfect day.
Will take a piccie to send to Cowbells when it is finally assembled and then decide on a border, while doing that I will finish the Black Quilt, pity I couldn't get it done by the weekend, as its his birthday next wed.

Trotted off to the Cottage

on Wednesday, where one of the livewires modelled this great pair of slippers she had just finished knitting for her daughter, carpet throughout the house so no danger of slipping. I put in an order for the Christmas Fair.
Stayed for lunch with a few of the ladies, and then launched into the next group's activities.
As a hand stitching project for wednesdays, I have started assembling the wedding quilt, the individual blocks have been hanging on my design wall for 2 years, big mistake, of the 16 blocks I took to work on, 2 had insect poop on them, just tiny little spots, but I now will be washing the whole shebang, before I assemble it, in case any re-placements have to be made, sheesh, bloody insects.
Got a quote of $10 sq foot for one of the girls to hand quilt it, she does beautiful work, I think I will have to take her up on it.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Bit of a Buy Up

It's been quite a while since I went off and bought so many toys and books, after watching Susan K Cleveland of Pieces be with you, on The Quilt Show, I ordered her book on accent curves and the piped binding kit.

Can you see the ingenious little ruler on top of the book?, you lay the groove over the cord in the piping and trim the edges of the bias fabric to the desired seam allowance, either half inch or quarter inch seam, depending on the project. I cannot wait to start one of her projects, I'm thinking something small to start, maybe a wall hanging or table runner using the lanterns pattern.

and if anyone has been reading Caityquilters blog you would instantly recognise this........
a suction thingie, or as the box is labeled, "Bath or Shower Support Bar", got the Darling to pick one up for me from Aldi in Caboolture, why didn't I get 2? they are brilliant. No more ruler slippage when the wrists and fingers are sore and weak, just look at the grip that sucker has on the ruler.

Then there was Sunday, we had a lovely day, started off with Morning tea, supplied by Support Team and Grandies, lots of goodies to eat,

and towers to build with glass blocks.

they then went off to lunch with friends and then for a frolic on the beach.

Our eldest and his bride arrived for lunch, which was also a celebration of her birthday of last week, so pushed the boat out a wee bit, we had a really great B.B.Q with porterhouse steaks, chicken sticks in honey soy marinade and of course sausages, what's a barbie without snags? surprisingly the snags are missing from my plate :)

After having worked Mothers Day Lunch at the restaurant our youngest arrived for a late lunch/early dinner, just as the support team turned up to join the birthday festivities, and so we gave the barbie another run,
and with a special request from the Grandies for sausages and "trees", it was all too easy.
Here is a pic of the lovely gifts that I received for Mothers Day,

I can tell you, that with a bit of help, that choccie box is now empty, and so is the bottle :)
The framed photo is a favourite of mine, taken by our eldest on a trip to Lamington National Park and is on his Flickr page.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Parcels Arrived

Got two parcels this morning, one from my Angel (Angel/Mortal swap with online group Scquilters) containing a mini craft organiser, just what I need to take beading along to classes, a chinese pincushion, 2 F.Q's of beautiful "quilter theme" fabric, and an empty box. O.K., o.k., so it wasn't an empty box, then, but it is now The other parcel was part of my order from Amazon, a book on Japanese optical and geometrical art, fascinating, where was this book a couple of years back when the black and white challenge was such a well.....challenge.

Don't think this would have been the way to go,
but maybe something along this line
and the book on NOTAN which I am looking forward to working through, hopefully to gain a better understanding of design and the relationship between positive and negative spaces to improve my quilting designs.

I ordered this based on what I read on an April 15, 2008 blog from Caitlin O’Connor a localish (same corner of the state) lass who really achieves. She inspires me.

Monday, May 5, 2008

New Paint Job

Sis and Partner decided to take the Harley with its new paint job and chrome out on a run, his son had been riding the Harley when he dropped it, big scrapes and lots of damage down one side, the bike not the kid (he was sore but unscathed, the sign of a good rider - or a bloody lucky one) so they popped up for a visit, I had been working on the border for the black log cabin, he wanted to see what I was working on, so I showed him........hmmm......not sure of the reaction........hopefully with the border and quilting I can pull it into the acceptable/love it, it's so darn hard to see a quilt when you are just looking at the pieced top. Got some great ideas for the quilting from the new paint job though, was thinking of circles on the log cabin blocks, but now think that a stylised wheel on the blocks and a similar design to the paint job running around the border. Ohhh.....good thing I did that Free Motion Quilting class a couple of weeks ago, lots more practice needed.........
The reason Sis was visiting was to pick up a DVD movie Darling was making for her from some old Super 8 movies, do you remember them?. He has this piece of equipment that he imported from the U.S., to transfer the super 8 film, frame by frame, to the computer, he then sets the film speed using special software to match the original camera speed which takes out any jumps and flicker. Its particularly good for damaged film as it doesn't go through a sprocket system.

We all watched the movies, taken back in the early 80's of family gatherings and kids concerts, first days at school........and had a couple of tearies and a couple of laughs. Good God, wasn't the hair bizare back then? and shorts.......whew........short shorts they certainly were.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

So pretty, so enticing,

the clever people from the Needlework and Caligraphy Groups of our local Craft Cottage held a show today, showcasing their many talents, there were even some beautiful pieces from the porcelain painters, such delicate brush strokes. Below we have the Teddy Bears Picnic,

Another plate of no calorie treaties, these were all knitted, to go with the knitted tea-cosies.
Thought I was looking in a mirror there for a bit ......these two tipplers are just brilliant.

This wonderful quilt, "Memories for Grandma" was made by one of the talented ladies based on the book on the right.
The beading on this silk print is fantastic, having done a beading workshop with Lisa Walton I know just how hard it is to get those little suckers to line up and all play happy together. If you ever get the chance to do her workshop, do do do., funny lady and a great tutor, I learnt more than my "you just need to learn a couple of things and its worth it"at her workshop.

A framed work of Hardanger, the pic just doesn't do it justice, it is beautiful.
And an embroidered teapot, again the pic doesn't do it justice, the needlework is so fine, stunning.

Somehow many of the photos taken didn't download from the camera and I deleted the card before I realised. Fooey! So cannot bring you the "Tea Cosie Challenge" but I can tell you some of those cosies were really out there, it was so hard to pick one to vote for.
But I did get the fresh flowers in the Ladies Loo.......nice touch.
everything about the set up for the day was beautifully done, oh and best of all, there was afternoon tea, with pretty tablecloths and the tiniest little tidbits to nibble on..........Take a Bow, Ladies and Gents, on a job extremely well done.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Mystery Quilt

Have joined in my first ever go at a mystery quilt, something that has intrigued me for awhile, being a controll freak its a bit hard to decide to "work in the dark" so to speak.
The ever so helpful and lovely Cathy from "Cowbells Patchwork" in Bell
posted an invitation to SCQers, (an online quilting group) to join in a 3 week mystery she is running.
It's already week 2 so I spent yesterday catching up, I chose my fabrics along the "country theme" from my small stash, lots of 5" squares needed for both H.S.T. and 4 patches. I'm only doing the throw size but the idea of drawing lines from corner to corner and thru the center on 72 blocks just didn't appeal - what to do?,

I had previously devised a way to make perfect H.S.T. without the drawing, but it means drawing on your machine bed, something I had done on my little My Style but only after I had owned it a couple of years. Draw on my new 6500?

Oh what the heck, its only a line, so did it. (And besides rainx will take it off, well most of it ;).
You start with your squares cut to the full inch measurement, not the 7/8 th inch, that is 5" squares instead of 4 7/8th inch. It means that I can put the point of the squares on a pre-determined point, for me that's where the line marked 10 would intersect with the inside edge of the outer feed dog teeth. (try saying that quickly)

and the other point of the squares on the line drawn on the machine bed,

you then just sew a straight line with the point of the square following up the line, like so,

you then just flip it around and come back down the other side,

or just keep going and chain stitch one side and then swap sides ..... whatever.
You then cut up the middle, press apart and using your rotary cutter and square ruler cut them to a perfect H.S.T., the extra time taken to square the H.S.T's is more than made up for by not ruling and the seams all but together to make nice crisp points.
Cute Huh? and its not really cheating, just creative use of your tools.