Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Birds Breakfast

There is a bird that I thought was a magpie with damaged feet that has been living around our close area, he has a little difficulty hanging on to branches, especially in the breeze, but has solved his problem by perching in gutters on windy days, clever little guy.

He spends a bit of time waiting for our front door to open in the mornings and then flys down to the veranda to sing for his mince.

The day begins, the door is opening, those noisy four footed furry things are coming out to say hello

Its a bit of a mission to get out of the gutter.

But breakfast is worth it.

After reading Pamela's comment I googled magpies and butcher birds, seems that what I thought was a butcher bird is in fact the young and this guy above has the adult plumage. Butcher birds have a bad rep for ousting the nestlings of other birds. Sad to say this guy hasn't been around for a couple of weeks but he had got to the stage where he would take mince from my hand, a trait magpies are famed for.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Walk in the Park

Visited our local Libary and took the 2 dogs with me, of course they can't come into the library so I left them in the car, in 7 mins, I returned a bag full of loans, selected another bag full, checked out and was back to the car, dogs barely had time to miss me, but you should see some of the whacky titles I picked up, still I've come across some good novels from time to time by just grabbing a book or DVD.

We then went for a walk in Cotton Tree Park, even venturing down to the beach, the Shitzu was pooped before we made it back to the car and had to be carried.

Then off to pick up the Youngest and back up the coast to have dinner with the Support Team, dropping the dogs home on the way.

There was a parcel from my Angel Maddi waiting in the box so I took it with me and let the Grandies open it for me, ooh what excitement, much drooling over the socks and betting what was in the tin, little boys disapointed it wasn't choccies but Grandma knew she was in for a treat of Guterman threads.
The boys also wanted to give Grandma a pressie so out come the paper and pens and this is my pressies from them, grins and artwork, what more could a Gran want?
The youngest took his laptop along, he was having a little trouble with it and his brother was able to help him out, loading stuff and sorting stuff and whatever, must have worked as youngest was all for having a go on it on the way home.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Things I made over the past weekend.

Was feeling a little flat and sad, as we lost Sam, our Black (Tri) sheltie on Friday, so hung out in my sewing room on Saturday, cruising the net and making up a few little projects that I found on quilting/sewing blogs.

This cute little thread holder came from a very well written tutorial by fellow Aussie quilter Leanne over at The Stitching Room,
Just scroll down a few lines to the Tutorial listing on the left.

Quick to make up with easy to follow instructions and piccies.

I used a few scraps of a sewing patterned fabric in two colour ways for this little one to be used by my sewing machine.
Just might have to make another one to keep in my little needlework basket.

I found and made this so simple and easy little thumb pincushion on Saturday. All it takes is a 4" square of fabric, some stuffing and thread.

I cannot for the life of me now find the blog, I will have to work on that so that I can give the proper link and credit.

If you look closely at the pic you can see a tiny black hair above the crease on the right side, one of Sammys. She was a constant companion in my sewing room and I know I will miss her dreadfully.

Don'tcha just lurve google?, put 'thumb pincushion' into their search and after following a couple of leads found the thumb pincushion tutorial. I had originally found a link on the TipNut site

leading to the tutorial on Annies Crazy World

Found a great tutorial on Ric Rac's blog, well written with easy to follow directions and lots of piccies, so I just had to make this shoulder bag, have to confess though that it took a bit longer than the hour that it took Jodie. I machine quilted around the apples and diagonally across the whole apples and as I didn't have a magnetic snap I used a small piece of Velcro behind the Marano glass bead.

Find the bag pattern and instructions here:
and Jodies blog here:
Then of course it was off to Brissy on Sunday, firstly to drop the Darling at the airport, right in the middle of the breakdown of the Qantas booking in system, the queues reached half way round the terminal building. Boy! was that interesting, some nasty people let their facade fall, the staff worked hard and flights were called to have seats allocated in turn, making sure all planes took off on time and no-one missed out. A good job under very difficult circumstances, but really, who would continue to book Qantas, they really need a big overhaul of all systems.
It was then back to the Sis's for coffee and then into town for lunch and the Gallery, as in the prior post.

Exciting Day Sunday

am in a rush to post these piccies for the Darling to see, he is away at the moment and our Eldest has a show at the Joshua Levi Gallery in Brisbane. Sis, her Darling, Eldest and I visited the gallery yesterday after a delish lunch at Compos. It was so exciting, whilest having lunch the Eldest's phone rang, it was Josh telling him that one of his pics had just sold, happy dancing all round.
The pic that sold was the same one that I was lucky enough to be given for my birthday. Spoilt me.

See that blank space on the right, thats where the work was hanging. And this is a close up of the tag hanging next to the photo on the top left.

The work on the far left of this pic is of another photographer, and as soon as I remember his name will write it up here.
The Lad looking justifiably pleased, and the Sis' Darling closely studying a piece that was a close up of a piece of "unidentifiable to the novice" machinery, but with his expert knowledge, he worked it out and pointed out the various components to us.
Sis on the move, hard lass to capture on film.

The Brisbane River and Skyline at night, the colours didn't photograph all that well for me, I blame the angle, couldn't possibly be moi now could it?

Two of the Eldests black and white shots with other work by Mark Lobo, a renowned Brissy photographer.

Work by Kylie Farrely, she is the lass that does the paintography, that is adding another dimension to photoghraphed work as well as being a painter. The tall work of the skyscrapers on the left is from a photograph taken by our Eldest.

More of Kylie's work

And just because I know just how much my Darling would enjoy it, here is a pic of the work done by a group of Grafitti Artists on the side wall of the Gallery.


Monday, September 8, 2008

Fathers Day B.B.Q

A Mohican winding up to deliver a killer ball.

Very exciting day, started with Cricket in the back yard, just the Grandies and I but it didn't take long to be joined by the rest of the gals, the guys of course were gathered round the barbie, discussing weighty matters like just how hot should the plate be to cook onions and various computer programs, DVD's and music
The Support Team did a great job of catering, DIL had the great idea of making up a 'Dads Day' gift bag for all the dads present, choc full of goodies like beer, chocolate, and even a shaver and hanky, went down very well.
The Grandies were so proud to have this cup to present to Dad, everyone got to view, exclaim over and be warned off the chocs, no snitching samples "cause their mine Dad's chocs"

After a day's hard play, this little man needed a rest on the couch with his fav cushion, he won this cushion at the Cottage Christmas Fair a couple of years back, he often asks who made it so next week I'lll take this pic to the Cottage and see if anyone present recognises their own handywork. It is reverse applique, beautifully stitched, a really quality piece that I first thought might not really be suitable for a young boy, but he just loves the design. It lives on his bed and is a bit of a contrast to the racing bikes.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Fabulous Parcel and Gob smacked by Australia Post..........again

A parcel of lovely goodies arrived today from my Angel, I got some lovely choccies and yes, this time I did share with the Darling, some pretty tissues for my cold, a little bear to hug while I sip my hot lemon, and lots of needles and a threader, how did she know that I can't find a decent needle??? she is either psychic or a member of my needlework group, there were pretty pink stickers with cupcakes - just the ticket for naming my recently covered storage boxes, a June Taylor mini "cut and press" mat that I've drooled over for quite a while but the piece de resistance was the body art tattoos. I am going to wear them to the "Fathers Day B.B.Q" on Sunday and freak the sons and DIL . hee hee
Check out the cute heart buttons on teddy.
I think the purple rose will be the choice for the Fathers Day outing.

But how is this for service, we have had some rather strong winds and pouring rain the last few days, and to keep the front gate closed I popped a brick (read large hunk of concrete) behind the gate, after all who in their right mind would visit in this weather? The postie, that's who, this guy/gal pushed open the gate, walked up to the house to leave the parcel in the dry and then when leaving has pulled the concrete block up as far as possible against the gate!! I'm gobsmacked by the fantastic service once again.