Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Fair at the Craft Cottage

The annual Craft Cottage Christmas Fair was held this weekend, its always a big affair with the Lions club also holding their Christmas Fair in conjunction with us.

Looking out over the lawn towards the Libary and Memorial Hall from the Cottage tea & coffee area.
Some of the hard working Ladies from the Kitchen.

Peter from Painters Group showing one of his works.

Lyn displays a silk scarf from the Fabric Artists Group

Cherie from the Silversmith Group with some of her work.

More Silver Jewelry, this time from George.

Patchwork Leader, Sheila in her Christmas Frock with Val and Patricia on the sales desk.

Who is patricia saying "No" to?

Heart Colourwash in soft colours from Fay.

I managed to take literally hundereds of pics, so easy to do with the fantastic array of quality goods for sale, and some of them have been loaded onto the blog
I hope you enjoy them.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christmas Bikkies - not Cookies

Had a lovely afternoon with the Youngest Grandie and his Mum, they came to visit with Christmas Biscuits all ready to be iced and prepared dough to make lots more bikkies.
While we were in the middle of icing I got a call from an excited Alicia, my SCSS, the last parcel and identity clue arrived today. It has been a fun 6 months.

A picture of concentration

 worms..........maybe tasty?

ooooeeeee yummie

Mum then lends a helping hand

Bikkies iced by Mum

More Bikkes, one iced by the youngest with guidance by mum

Hey, icing solo,doing a good job, especially of cleaning up the spill overs, more yummy for the tummy.

The Eldest arrived in time to sprinkle some sugar on an angels skirt

And so home to make dinner and tell Dad all about it and let him choose just one bikkie for dessert.

Beautiful Raffle Quilts and Storm

Talented ladies from the Buderim Craft Cottage Patchwork Group have made these two stunning hexagon quilts with paper pieced hexagons donated by Judy W., one of the long time members of the group.
The quilts were displayed at yesterdays meeting, and will be raffled, guess who will be buying lots of tickets.
The Grandma's Garden is first prize and the purple and green strip is second prize. Hard to pick which one it would be preferable to win.
We had a bit of a storm the Friday before last, just the edges of the nasty one that hit Brisbane and did so much damage, but it was scarry enough as we were on top of a resort in Mooloolaba, cooking up a B.B.Q.

The storm was breaking directly overhead as we hurriedly piled the food onto platters to dash back to the unit, everyone put on a bit of extra speed for the final pack up when a group of old enough to know better, adult sillies decided to have a glass of wine in the spa & watch the storm.

When we finally pulled into the driveway at home, what was there to greet us, the poor crippled Butcher bird, he was water logged and exhausted, but still managed to give the Darling a bit of a nip. Wrapped him in towels, made a little nest on the back deck and next morning he was gone, returning that afternoon looking quite chipper for a feed of mince but I'm afraid we haven't seen him since.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Homework - make an instrument

The eldest Grandie had a project for school, make an instrument, and an instrument that plays into the bargain.
Here he is giving Dad detailed instructions, some of those nails were a bit long and needed to be ground off.
What a wonderful project, he designed it all himself, drew the shape on the wood, sourced the struts and bands and only let Dad use the power saw to cut the timbers. Oh yes, and hold the nails to start the hammering. And there were no hammered fingers. Job very well done indeed.

Playing the Guitar...............

Early Breakfast at Olivers and a play in the Park

Another delicious breakfast at Olivers in Mooloolaba

After another sleep over (gee I'm starting to loose count, couldn't wait for that to happen ) We took ourselves off to Olivers in Mooloolaba for a hearty breakfast, the eldest and Grandad had the fried eggs while I had the scramble with the youngest opting for pancakes, the wait lass put the biggest jug of syrup on the table early in the piece and he just couldn't keep his darling little paws off the jug, those taste buds were working overtime in anticipation.
This little
face says
it all.
Up too late,
Up too early,
and my fave
syrup just
waiting for
a tast test.

That belch of utter repleation seams to have startled another diner.

I done Grandma.

And so off to a walk down the Mooloolaba esplanade to the parks, where a couple of young men can have a great "run around" while Grandad keeps an eye out.
Just running up the down

A little teasing took place.

Hey Mum, you like my Dolphin?, mine Dad will like my red fish thing, cause it squeeks.
Climbing up and gonna go sliding down
Much fun was had climbing up to the platform and using the speaking tube to the ground level, fun trying to get someone down there to listen, they all want to talk
And so off home to play, cuddle dogs, not eat lunch and generally have a good time.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sleepovers - just love 'em

The eldest Grandie has recently discovered the joys of Leggo, so just to help fill in an already packed day, we zoomed off to purchase a pack each, it was mainly to introduce Lego to the youngest Grandie, he is only 4 so it is a bit of a challenge just keeping all those tiny bits together. He managed it for about 30 mins then we were back to the kit stage. The first few moments, he was thrilled, assembled for him by his big brother, half an hour later it was just a platform with wheels and lots of spare parts.

Concentration needed to assemble this one, bigger kit and for an older age group.
Finally all done.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Thumb Pincushions & Thread Holders

Back in Sept I posted pics of a thumb pincushion and a thread holder, the patterns and instructions I found on two of my fave blogs, since then I've made half a dozen matching sets for sale at the annual Craft Cottage Christmas Fair.
So thanks to Annie from and
Leanne from for their very kind permission to make multiples for sale to raise funds for our rather special craft facility.
Forgot to take a pic before I sent them off but maybe I will be able to get a pic when the Fair is held on 29th and 30th Sept.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Noosa Springs Golf Club

Big day today, off to Noosa Springs Golf Club for lunch with some special people, first time meeting of the Grandies and the Darlings Cuz D & her lovely daughter P .

We picked up the Grandies, who were all ready and waiting, with skate board, bike and assorted hardware - helmets etc. - for Grandad to load into the back of the X-Trail for a home demo after lunch of the skills honed over the last school hols.

Off to Noosa, lots to see on the way, a bus stuck on a bridge, huge rolls of hay being loaded onto trucks, lots of paddocks with varied coloured cows, even a few black and white as well, and lots of roadworks.

Some people just couldn't wait to arrive, out of the car and rushing ahead to explore and discover.

The 'Cool Guys', in front of the entry fountain.
Mr. "Sooo, So, Cool" & Pup, wearing his new sunnies, purchased after his Dad's birthday breakfast in Mooloolabah yesterday.
Lots of Noosa streets were closed for the Tri-athalon, so we left an extra half hour to allow for detours, yep, we arrive 30 mins early, but the boys had a great time inspecting the layout and gardens of the golf club and surrounds,

And of course, Grandma's new camera had to be put to the test, with B taking this pic of a floral arrangement in the foyer
There were many pics taken of the waterways and waterfalls,
but D's pic of this dragonfly a real winner.We all had a go at capturing this fellow, with him flying away and returning to the same leaf, always with his back to the sun's rays, but D's pic is the best of the crop.

The best discovery was the very steep hill in front of the restaurant, beautifully mown, almost like velvet, leading down to the golf course, well what was a couple of young lads to do but roll down the hill........ many, many times
Grandad of course captured it all on video.
Here they are sitting on the wall, wondering if they can convince Grandma that rolling down that enticing hill would be sooo easy and not at all dangerous and just plain fun......
Well, they did, and roll they did, and they had a great time.
The view from the veranda restaurant, so serene, a great place to visit and the food was delightful.