Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Disorganised and Distracted

Lynette Anderson has a free stitchery BOM on her blog in celebration of her first year of blogging.
The link is just under "Other Pages" under the pic of Lynette

They are real little cuties, and not too big a project.

Now this isn't the first stitchery that I have done, but it's not the 5th either, so to see some quality work go visit Lynette's blog as she has links to a long list of stitchers doing this project.

There are 10 of the 12 designs up so decided it was getting about time to launch into the project, grabbed the youngest Grandie and off to the thread shop where he got very involved in choosing the threads that were needed, silly me thought I only needed 3 extra colours, but oh no, colours were discussed in great length and I ended up buying a few more.

The thread shop is primarily a bead shop, so much admiring of beads and a request to buy some to make 'mine Mum' a bracelet, or as he put it, 'dangly thing for going all the way round her bottom arm'.

Somehow with all the excitement of threading little beads onto a length of plastic to make the bracelet- this is the distracted bit - I have managed to loose the new threads - the disorganised bit - .
So have started with the existing colours in my floss box, hoping the others will surface sooner rather than later.

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