Sunday, January 25, 2009

'Noahs Ark' blocks and Applique Learning Curve.

Have finished another 2 blocks and have one in the works, mainly done while sitting in Doctors waiting rooms.
The row x row applique hasn't been going too well, the fabric (Moda Jelly Roll) while beautiful is a little too coarse for needleturn.

So had another attempt at the fusible thread, put the thread on top of the machine, used a large needle and tension at zero, all as recommended.

What I found was that the thread either pulled through the holes ever so slightly or simply melted through when pressed.
As I only have 1 teflon applique sheet, I lay the pieces onto the sheet and ironed the front of the fabric.................big mistake, little brown bits of fusible thread all in a row.

All a bit much really, so while sooking in my sewing room ,decided to check out the new DUQ online mag and came across an article on Kirsten Duncan, her work is amazing and her 'Blessing' quilt border was just what I am attempting to create.

E-mailed Kirsten to ask about a pattern, "not yet" came the answer but she offered to talk me through, which she did!
I am so grateful, with all the wonderful advice and hints I feel renewed confidence at being able to achieve this first row.
To visit Kirsten's website go to , where you can also link to her blog, and her other sites.

If you are one of the lucky people with the DUQ free 6 monthly online subscription, go to page 63 to see Blessing' or go to to sign up for the freebie, and read about the lovely sharing Kirsty and have a look a 'Blessing'.

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