Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hexagons and the Row by Row

The hexagons are coming together very nicely, there will only be 3 rows of half hexagons to form a floating flower effect (I hope) but it is just too hot in my sewing room to continue at the machine - its 38 degrees for pity's sake, so have decided to decamp to the air-con and hand applique the flowers onto the background strip at the top of the hexagon row.
O.K., deep breath, I did a workshop years ago with local quilter Dianne Johnson, a very talented lady who also hand dyes fabrics and makes award winning quilts, so did I learn anything? and can I remember what I learnt, well I guess time will answer that little question.
So needing a bit of a refresher I turned to Google (as you do) and found this brilliant tutorial on 'Back Basting for Hand Applique', well never having heard of back basting I followed the tutorial through, it seems that this is going to be the answer to my prayers, just have to remember some of Dianne's little needle turn tricks and maybe with a bit of luck this row just might come together.
The link is to Sentimental Stitches, a site that looks very interesting indeed and definitely worth investigating
which as soon as it cools down I intend to do.
Meanwhile just gotta lug some fabric choices and stuff out to the air-con, ..............and quickly.

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