Saturday, February 28, 2009

Row x Row and the Death of a beautiful Tree

The first row of the 'row x row' is done and gone off on the rounds, I was rather looking forward to doing the second row, 'flowers' for J.
Did a bit of net searching and had a game plan all worked out, no more applique, but lo and behold, J has themed her quilt as Christmas and her beautiful row guessed it, button hole applique, so a big change of plan.

J's beautiful row, her stitches are so neat and even, gulp, something to aspire to there.

J included some beautiful poinsettia print in her fabric bundle, so I settled on broderie perse as a method and used the beautiful silk threads from Colourstreams.

The thread was just lovely to work with and quite took away the pain of more buttonhole stitch, I even found myself quite enjoying the experience, so much so that I am going to change the thread that I am- was - using to do the 'Posy' blocks for my take along hand work for my groups meetings.Cannot show the whole thing of course, but this is a little of my row for J.

The African Tulip Tree's Demise.
When we moved to this home 20 years ago - my God, 20 years in the one house, never thought I would see the day that happened, after all, in our first 11 years of marriage we lived in 13 different houses.......I digress..... there was a lovely African Tulip tree in our front yard, quite close to the boundary, and although a Tulip tree can be a beautiful sight, this one has been cut back from the boundary so many times it was quite misshapen and ugly, so when the neighbours requested its removal, the Darling agreed, so we now have a huge hole in our green barrier.

One of the first cuts
Taking down the trunk, the empty hole and some of the dead blossom on the neighbours roof, no wonder the elderly lady complained, still, I miss the tree and the protection it afforded our yard, we now get the full blast of the afternoon sun, the glare of which makes it impossible to to use the kitchen bench from 4 o'clock until the sun goes behind their roof.