Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wonderful Day full of quilting niceness

While on the way to return a book to the DIL, yep, she has got me into the whole 'Twilight' Vampire thing, great read if you just want something light and lovely, sort of a Chick Flick in a book type of read, with lots of ummm....togetherness tension ,but no chance of the deed being done, so to speak. Anyway checked out one of our recently closed local patchwork stores and they have re-opened. Yay!!

Couldn't resist poping in to have a look and just fell in love with this, a lovely stitchery roll to take to classes and the Cottage, so of course just had to sign up for the class.

I spotted this fresh lemon and salmon floral, to use as the outside, and the lovely Cath suggested the salmon for the lining and the white for the stitchery, I think it will look great. Just have to get some buttons now...............I guess a flit over to Iddybiddy and Giggle Buttons is what I will be doing this evening.

Then when I got home, there was another comment on the previous post, 2 comments! I was thrilled, popped over to Clare's Craftroom and just couldn't stop laughing, Check out Clare's post on "The Mean Bunny". http://clarescraftroom.blogspot.com/

This lady is not only a talented designer but has a great sense of humor, and while you are there enter into the draw for her giveaway 'Flutterby', the cutest little butterfly stitchery.

And talking giveaways, today Cheryl has posted a pattern giveaway for the very aptly named 'Spring Giggles', it is such a pretty and bright quilt that Cheryl tells us can be made in a day. http://willowberrydesigns.typepad.com/willowberry_designs/

Thank you Cheryl and Clare for your lovely comments, they are greatly appreciated.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Colour Streams and other beautiful threads

Have been indulging myself over the past few months, building up a small collection of embroidery threads.

'Noah's Ark', Lynette Anderson's BOM is almost finished.

It was such an enjoyable 'take anywhere' project that when I saw this ever so pretty, free BOM from Cheryl at Willow Berry Designs http://www.willowberrydesigns.typepad.com/ I just couldn't resist.

A visit to Shirley Hagen's Classy Crafts in Chermside to pick up some of the colours Cheryl listed and then lunch with our eldest and the new bride was just the ideal way to spend a rainy day, except that it was only raining up here on the coast. Bonus!

Shirley's business is in an old cottage in Hall Street, it is just chock-a-block full of stock, A real old style Haberdashery/Needlework Supply store

That cute little table under the threads is a little folding number I picked up to use as a work table by my chair, I seem to be getting a bit of a collection of folding tables, with 4 so far, not much of a collection, but isn't more than two of anything a collection?.............seems I read that somewhere or other.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Row x Row and other updates.

It's been a busy time, our youngest son had an accident at work a couple of months ago that has been an ongoing concern, a glass broke in his hand resulting in nerve damage and microsurgery. The hand is finally starting to function but is still numb, but the prognosis is excellent with a full recovery expected.

Finished J's row, of the row x row quilt in time for the hand along at the group meeting last week.
The current row is 9 Patch, simple really, but as this row is for B, who just happened to mention that she really doesn't like pieced patchwork, the designs are too regimented, and all that matching up of points and seams curdles her custard, had to do a bit of a fast rethink.
Can't say too much, but part of the design is the occasional 2" 9 patch block included in an overall design, but I can truthfully tell you that working out the measurements for a 2" 9 patch is a bit much for the maths challenged. However the blocks are going together rather well and this row should be finished easily, giving me more time to go on with the Noah's Ark stitchery.