Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The full Quillo

Had to Add This Pic. I Took it last night, Grandie was so pleased, he was practicing folding his quillo 'just like Grandad showed him'

Well here it is, a pic of the Grandies Quillo, a colourful length of cotton fabric, a soft flannel backing and a cotton wadding, all held together with a minimum of quilting. A few meandering vertical lines and two lines of machine embroidered 'love hearts' along the fold lines to help the little man get the hang of folding his quillo himself. The whole thing is very basic but great for draging off to the farm, any old picnic or rolling around on the floor with and when needed just chucking it in the wash.

Thanks to Clare of http://clarescraftroom.blogspot.com/ for her comment, I'm afraid I cannot get the links to other bloggers e-mail addresses to work, so this is the only way I have of thanking anyone, bit sad for me, but I will work on it.

Although I wonder if I'm the only one with this problem, as I notice a few more people are now putting their e-mail address in type instead of relying on a button.........hmmm is there a group of us out there that are missing something? probably just me - oh dear....

Monday, April 27, 2009

Coolum Beach & What Bird is this?

Mid afternoon at Coolum beach, the shadows are falling but look at that lovely golden sand.

By the side of the footpath, just before the boardwalk, a perfect place to rest and watch the surfers.

Pandanus and fruit, the youngest Grandie carted one of these huge fruit all the way along Mooloolabah beach to the car yesterday.

Looking south towards the headland, through the pandanus.

Coolum Beach from the boardwalk, looking North towards Sunshine Beach with Noosa around the point.

Lovely rock pools and mossy rocks just right for some youngsters to paddle in.

These amazing birds were only a few feet from the boardwalk, they would sit atop the vegetation for a bit, then hover and dart down to gather up a tasty morsel.
Hovering over the greenery, choosing lunch,

We have these birds visit our garden occasionally at this time of year and I have never seen them hover like this. I have no idea what bird they are as each person watching had a different name for them!

Anyone got an answer?
Well, how remiss of me, (read slack) I googled 'blue and yellow bird australia' on images and guess what, these are Blue-faced Honeyeaters, also known as Bananabirds, they are a passerine bird of the Honeyeater family Meliphagidae commonly found around the northern and eastern coasts of Australia and New Guinea. Its diet is made up of nectar and invertebrates.
Don't you just love google?

Sunday Breakfast at Mooloolaba

Mooloolaba's Loo with a view, used to be a besserblock monstrosity but council some years ago, spent the odd dollar or two to beautify the exterior, bucks well spent I think, there are two levels of viewing platform, easy access stairs to the beach, showers, internal and external, drinking fountains, seating and a kiddies play area. We have spent many an hour down there with the Grandies and other family members.

But Sunday, this was the view on the beach.

Firstly I almost cried, then the anger came. If just half the newspaper reports have any basis of truth, then I hope the Karma Kat drags the so called ships captain off to a very unpleasant place.

Loosing the sand in the cyclone is something that happens, the sand always washes back, but this! how long will it take before we have our beautiful beach back again? This is the view looking north towards Cotton Tree and Maroochydore Beach. No I didn't go check Maroochy Beach, a gal can only have so much upset on one day.

Grandad and the Grandies terrorising a little crab, curosity was all the go here and believe me, the crab had the winning hand.Further down the beach, a wonderful surprise, a Dragon! Someone had been out early and sculpted a dragon, a very big THANK YOU to who ever did this lovely work of art, you made us all smile at a time when we needed it.

Now as bad as this pic is, its not quite as black as would seem, it was taken in the shadow of the 'swim between the flags' sign, right there in the middle is that crab, just having a little look around, and here he is taking off, as you see fast is his middle name.
He is just at the edge of the lighter patch of sand, and was actually airborne, quite the lucky pic.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Quillo for a little man

Had great fun at the cottage last Wed, Janet & Sue took us through a Quillo workshop, everyone except me finished their quillo, I got the fabric cut out . I was just too busy socialising, taking pics and catching up on the goss, so Thur got stuck in and made the youngest Grandie a quillo.
They joined us for dinner Thur night and it turns out that he insists on sleeping under the Green lap quilt I made some time ago.........with his feet hanging out the end...........boy what a guilt trip for a Grannie.
So this quillo will not be going off to the cottage next Wed as planned, a little man needs it now.
better get going on a proper bed quilt, right after I get a few of those wip's off the side-bar.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Grandie wants a quiltie

Youngest Grandie has been watching Lynette Anderson's Noahs Arc stitcheries come together with interest, even wanting to try stitching himself. These stitcheries are designed to make up to a wallhanging...........not a quilt, but the sweetie wants a quiltie, the one above is a lap/floor quilt I made for him awhile back and as he points out, its just not long enough and he wants the stitcheries in a longer quilt..........oh my stars, I have been trying to figure out how that could happen and this morning I think the little 'quilting bird of inspiration' has given me a lead.
While catching up on the regular blogs I follow, I visited Gail of Gail Pan designs http://gailpandesigns.typepad.com/my_weblog/. Gail is rather excited (as you would be) about her quilt being featured in the new Country Threads magazine. I would love to e-mail congratulations to her but something is out of whack on my 'puter and it won't allow me access to blog addys....ahhhhh...
It's a beautiful quilt and has inspired me to design a larger quilt for the stitcheries by replacing and re-sizing the central four patches in the framed blocks, using a stitchery in each. (Does that make sense?) Just have to do the maths.......hope it works...the quilt layout, not the maths.....well that too I guess.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First Stitches.

Grandies phoned yesterday, wanted to come and visit as their visit on Sunday just hadn't covered all they wanted to do...........
The eldest was still on the search for a particular box of Leggo, so off to the Big Bear toy store where the youngest got a cute sparkly water-ball and a couple of additions to his train track. But no Leggo.
Decided to give the Plaza a go, well you can imagine trying to get an undercover park in the pouring rain on an Easter Monday..............ugh!.. however after many laps of the park, success was ours and into Target we toddled, where lo and behold, they were having a 20% off sale
on Leggo, and just look - there was that ever so special box that we had been searching for............well he had been searching for, but as it was of a size that only qualifies for Birthday or Christmas pressies, he was out of luck.
The disappointment was more than a Grannie could bear so we struck a deal, no visits to the $2 store, no treaties, no toy store goodies for 3 months. But we will still visit all the above as usual with his little brother - warnings of how tough this will be on him rolled right off his back. He is convinced he can do it. Time will tell.
He couldn't wait to visit his uncle C and get some help to start building.
The youngest has been watching Lynette Anderson's 'Noah's Ark' stitcheries come together and wanted to try 'making lines with that sticking thing and the string.' So there he is above, learning to thread a needle. He got the licking of the fingers down to a fine art in a very short time, and eventually threaded the needle. I showed him the first stitch and he went from there, but when he pulled the thread from the needle he just couldn't face another go. 'That just kills me' he said while rolling around the floor.
However, I am thrilled that such little fingers could manage as much as he did, I think I will have to find him his own project ........and of course a bigger needle.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Cottage Fair and 'Pink News'

We have some 'pink news' in the family, so I took the opportunity to purchase a few suitable items at the Cottage's Easter Fair on Saturday. Who's face will be red if the news is 'blue'...........

That cute little doggie unrolls to become a floor rug and he is mauve..........yes he is..........I hope that boy or girl he will be a success but I do worry about those tiny little booties, there is no way to disguise them..........oooh, just have to be patient and wait, not one of my finer traits

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Buttons for the Stitchery Roll

Toddled off to the 'Sewing Basket' for my stitchery class last Friday, and was so enthused that when I got home I hit the web looking for those cute little heart shape buttons. None to be found small enough but I did come across some crystals in the desired shape and size, they arrived today and I just had to have a play
Hmm............not quite the look, pretty crystals but not cottage garden, so the search continues..
This also arrived in the mail...........
An online quilter was selling it off (Thank you Michelle) and I managed to snaffle it, have been thinking about one for awhile now, hopefully it will lessen the drag on the wrists when cutting meterage for projects.
Like I really need another project at the moment thats why the packing is still under the cutter blade.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's been a bit of a Journey........

Did a landscape workshop some time back with the talented Lorraine Carthew, had a wonderful time and learnt lots, but the big thing I learnt was that I really don't have much of an idea on colour and contrast, witness the Pretty Posy blocks, choose the prettiest fabrics, just love them all, but when assembled into the blocks the flowers all blend into one another, this isn't so important on the 9 patches that will be with the posies, the colours just flow into one another and create an impression of colour and shadow.
I have had lots of advice, not the least of which came from the ladies at Needlework & Patchwork groups, I also got a lot of advice and info from Kirsty Duncan at http://twolimeleaves.wordpress.com/ about fusing methods and thread colours , also from Robyn Alexander from Colourstreamshttp://www.colourstreams.com.au/ , the result is that in using the lovely variagated silk from Colourstreams these flowers are now more defined and I'm a lot happier about where this quilt is heading.
Now all I have to do is smarten up those stitches haha.
So thank you all for your unstinting input and info to a learner.
To see the great work that Lorraine does go to http://www.lozquilts.com/gallery.html she does the most amazing portraits and mosiac quilting as well as the stunning landscapes.