Thursday, April 9, 2009

Buttons for the Stitchery Roll

Toddled off to the 'Sewing Basket' for my stitchery class last Friday, and was so enthused that when I got home I hit the web looking for those cute little heart shape buttons. None to be found small enough but I did come across some crystals in the desired shape and size, they arrived today and I just had to have a play
Hmm............not quite the look, pretty crystals but not cottage garden, so the search continues..
This also arrived in the mail...........
An online quilter was selling it off (Thank you Michelle) and I managed to snaffle it, have been thinking about one for awhile now, hopefully it will lessen the drag on the wrists when cutting meterage for projects.
Like I really need another project at the moment thats why the packing is still under the cutter blade.

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