Monday, April 27, 2009

Coolum Beach & What Bird is this?

Mid afternoon at Coolum beach, the shadows are falling but look at that lovely golden sand.

By the side of the footpath, just before the boardwalk, a perfect place to rest and watch the surfers.

Pandanus and fruit, the youngest Grandie carted one of these huge fruit all the way along Mooloolabah beach to the car yesterday.

Looking south towards the headland, through the pandanus.

Coolum Beach from the boardwalk, looking North towards Sunshine Beach with Noosa around the point.

Lovely rock pools and mossy rocks just right for some youngsters to paddle in.

These amazing birds were only a few feet from the boardwalk, they would sit atop the vegetation for a bit, then hover and dart down to gather up a tasty morsel.
Hovering over the greenery, choosing lunch,

We have these birds visit our garden occasionally at this time of year and I have never seen them hover like this. I have no idea what bird they are as each person watching had a different name for them!

Anyone got an answer?
Well, how remiss of me, (read slack) I googled 'blue and yellow bird australia' on images and guess what, these are Blue-faced Honeyeaters, also known as Bananabirds, they are a passerine bird of the Honeyeater family Meliphagidae commonly found around the northern and eastern coasts of Australia and New Guinea. Its diet is made up of nectar and invertebrates.
Don't you just love google?

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