Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First Stitches.

Grandies phoned yesterday, wanted to come and visit as their visit on Sunday just hadn't covered all they wanted to do...........
The eldest was still on the search for a particular box of Leggo, so off to the Big Bear toy store where the youngest got a cute sparkly water-ball and a couple of additions to his train track. But no Leggo.
Decided to give the Plaza a go, well you can imagine trying to get an undercover park in the pouring rain on an Easter Monday..............ugh!.. however after many laps of the park, success was ours and into Target we toddled, where lo and behold, they were having a 20% off sale
on Leggo, and just look - there was that ever so special box that we had been searching for............well he had been searching for, but as it was of a size that only qualifies for Birthday or Christmas pressies, he was out of luck.
The disappointment was more than a Grannie could bear so we struck a deal, no visits to the $2 store, no treaties, no toy store goodies for 3 months. But we will still visit all the above as usual with his little brother - warnings of how tough this will be on him rolled right off his back. He is convinced he can do it. Time will tell.
He couldn't wait to visit his uncle C and get some help to start building.
The youngest has been watching Lynette Anderson's 'Noah's Ark' stitcheries come together and wanted to try 'making lines with that sticking thing and the string.' So there he is above, learning to thread a needle. He got the licking of the fingers down to a fine art in a very short time, and eventually threaded the needle. I showed him the first stitch and he went from there, but when he pulled the thread from the needle he just couldn't face another go. 'That just kills me' he said while rolling around the floor.
However, I am thrilled that such little fingers could manage as much as he did, I think I will have to find him his own project ........and of course a bigger needle.

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