Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The full Quillo

Had to Add This Pic. I Took it last night, Grandie was so pleased, he was practicing folding his quillo 'just like Grandad showed him'

Well here it is, a pic of the Grandies Quillo, a colourful length of cotton fabric, a soft flannel backing and a cotton wadding, all held together with a minimum of quilting. A few meandering vertical lines and two lines of machine embroidered 'love hearts' along the fold lines to help the little man get the hang of folding his quillo himself. The whole thing is very basic but great for draging off to the farm, any old picnic or rolling around on the floor with and when needed just chucking it in the wash.

Thanks to Clare of http://clarescraftroom.blogspot.com/ for her comment, I'm afraid I cannot get the links to other bloggers e-mail addresses to work, so this is the only way I have of thanking anyone, bit sad for me, but I will work on it.

Although I wonder if I'm the only one with this problem, as I notice a few more people are now putting their e-mail address in type instead of relying on a button.........hmmm is there a group of us out there that are missing something? probably just me - oh dear....

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clare's craftroom said...

I'm glad I came back to see the end result , looks great .