Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Grandie wants a quiltie

Youngest Grandie has been watching Lynette Anderson's Noahs Arc stitcheries come together with interest, even wanting to try stitching himself. These stitcheries are designed to make up to a wallhanging...........not a quilt, but the sweetie wants a quiltie, the one above is a lap/floor quilt I made for him awhile back and as he points out, its just not long enough and he wants the stitcheries in a longer quilt..........oh my stars, I have been trying to figure out how that could happen and this morning I think the little 'quilting bird of inspiration' has given me a lead.
While catching up on the regular blogs I follow, I visited Gail of Gail Pan designs http://gailpandesigns.typepad.com/my_weblog/. Gail is rather excited (as you would be) about her quilt being featured in the new Country Threads magazine. I would love to e-mail congratulations to her but something is out of whack on my 'puter and it won't allow me access to blog addys....ahhhhh...
It's a beautiful quilt and has inspired me to design a larger quilt for the stitcheries by replacing and re-sizing the central four patches in the framed blocks, using a stitchery in each. (Does that make sense?) Just have to do the maths.......hope it works...the quilt layout, not the maths.....well that too I guess.

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