Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday Breakfast at Mooloolaba

Mooloolaba's Loo with a view, used to be a besserblock monstrosity but council some years ago, spent the odd dollar or two to beautify the exterior, bucks well spent I think, there are two levels of viewing platform, easy access stairs to the beach, showers, internal and external, drinking fountains, seating and a kiddies play area. We have spent many an hour down there with the Grandies and other family members.

But Sunday, this was the view on the beach.

Firstly I almost cried, then the anger came. If just half the newspaper reports have any basis of truth, then I hope the Karma Kat drags the so called ships captain off to a very unpleasant place.

Loosing the sand in the cyclone is something that happens, the sand always washes back, but this! how long will it take before we have our beautiful beach back again? This is the view looking north towards Cotton Tree and Maroochydore Beach. No I didn't go check Maroochy Beach, a gal can only have so much upset on one day.

Grandad and the Grandies terrorising a little crab, curosity was all the go here and believe me, the crab had the winning hand.Further down the beach, a wonderful surprise, a Dragon! Someone had been out early and sculpted a dragon, a very big THANK YOU to who ever did this lovely work of art, you made us all smile at a time when we needed it.

Now as bad as this pic is, its not quite as black as would seem, it was taken in the shadow of the 'swim between the flags' sign, right there in the middle is that crab, just having a little look around, and here he is taking off, as you see fast is his middle name.
He is just at the edge of the lighter patch of sand, and was actually airborne, quite the lucky pic.

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