Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cancer Fundraiser

Our quilting group had a fund raising afternoon tea today, lots of donated gifts for a rolling raffle, great fun, and I won, would you believe it, another tape measure! a little mauve one. I think I'll start a collection
I was inspired to peer into the little draw where I keep this odd assortment of measuring tapes and a few memories came rolling back of early sewing days, the oldest measure is the white one with the faded red numbers. I got it when I was about 18, way back when dirt was mud, it was the newest must have, a fiberglass tape measure, guaranteed to last, tick that one, and guaranteed not to stretch, another tick.

Boy, that tape has seen a few projects, sewing for myself before I was married, making babies and kiddies clothing when we were in the Islands (Nauru and Solomons), all the way to current days where I use it to measure quilt backs and wadding.

But the tape I have used most in the last 10 years, yep, the builders tape!, got that little sucker when we renovated, needed it to check everything from the size of mouldings to tiles to timber lengths and beyond. Every gal needs a builders tape, its even got my name scratched into the back, 'cause the tradies kept on asking for a 'lend' - or maybe they just wanted me to stop measuring stuff ...

These beautiful orchids are grown by Inga, one of our members, she bought them along to pretty up our tea table and then they were raffled off to a very happy lass.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Birthday Times are here

Most of our family birthdays are clumped into the next few months with only a few later in the year, we celebrated one of the DDIL's birthdays last night, the camera didn't get much of a work out but the darling took this for me.
These beautiful 'Flower' Cupcakes , bought along by DDIL for her sister DDIL's birthday, the top tier of choccies was part of my Mothers Day Pressies, there will be some serious spoiling of myself over the next few days I can tell you.......
The end of the festivities, a bit of 'a sad' after the hectic fun of a birthday party, but to cheer myself up I had a glass of red, a couple of choccies and breathed in the scented air of these beautiful Hyacinth, another pressie
I had planed to give the two DDIL's the little table arrangements, but at the end of the night they were gone and the flowers were still there............I forgot to give them.

There was so much booty floating around, but the most special part of the many gift givings were the hand crafted cards, sadly I didn't get a pic of the beautiful one made by DDIL for Birthday Girl, but this one is a moo greeting card, the lavender pic was taken by DS1. will print your own piccies into mini business, business and greeting cards.

We all had a fun time but the Grandies had the most fun, they got to hang out with Uncle and do 'boy stuff', there was a lot of raucous laughter going on and such excited beaming little faces when they were collected up to go home.
A great start to the 'Birthday Season'.....

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fabric Dyeing

This little pile of colour is the result of the Dyeing Workshop I did last Friday with the rather talented Bernadine Hine. I finally got time to rinse and dry them, just love the colour intensity. For the yellow graduation, we used some of the procion dye that I have, they are yonks old so we were both surprised that the dyes took, we used Bernadine's dyes for the other dye run and an assortment of fabric. Some of Bernadine's white cotton, a lovely Haitana 100% Cotton from Catherine at and an unbleached cotton I purchased from the U.S.
Each fabric has a different feel and weight but it's hard to see a difference if the way the colours took.
Bernadine has been dyeing her own fabrics for some years now and is an amazing award winning quilter.
In the above pic, taken at a get together of local quilters, Bernadine is holding up N.S.W. Quilters Guild newsletter with her Kookaburra Quilt featured on the cover.
It's a really poor pic because I had to lift it from the Qld SCQer's site. yep the original was one of the many lost in a recent computer mishap.
We recently updated the automatic gate system on our front gate. The new controllers only worked at a distance of 2'. not so chock hot at all, so finally another garage door man came today and fixed our signal box, so no more pulling into the driveway, leaping out of the car, through the side gate, up to the control box, activate it, rush back to the car, and if it was raining by this time you are wet to the skin and muttering rather nasty words and hexes about certain tradesmen. This has been going on since early Feb. talk about slack!
Also retrieved the slow cooker from the back of the cupboard where it's been on summer vacation and got a nice beef stew going it it this morning, so it was rather good to pull into the driveway - in the dark at 5.30 if you please - and have the gate open as the car approached, knowing that I could just put my feet up with a glass of red and dinner was all done.
So all in all - a good day

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gum blossoms at Yandina

Tried the Coolum Surf Club for lunch today, wonderful views of the ocean and surfers and the food was o.k. We then made our way out to Yandina, to that other ginger factory, it was packed with tourists, all enjoying a free concert and having a lovely time, got some great pics of the forest and some Gum Blossoms out the front.

and a few colourful pics of ginger flowers in the Rainforest

and this very relaxing pic of one of the water fountains in the pond, sadly, crocs no longer live here.