Monday, May 11, 2009

Birthday Times are here

Most of our family birthdays are clumped into the next few months with only a few later in the year, we celebrated one of the DDIL's birthdays last night, the camera didn't get much of a work out but the darling took this for me.
These beautiful 'Flower' Cupcakes , bought along by DDIL for her sister DDIL's birthday, the top tier of choccies was part of my Mothers Day Pressies, there will be some serious spoiling of myself over the next few days I can tell you.......
The end of the festivities, a bit of 'a sad' after the hectic fun of a birthday party, but to cheer myself up I had a glass of red, a couple of choccies and breathed in the scented air of these beautiful Hyacinth, another pressie
I had planed to give the two DDIL's the little table arrangements, but at the end of the night they were gone and the flowers were still there............I forgot to give them.

There was so much booty floating around, but the most special part of the many gift givings were the hand crafted cards, sadly I didn't get a pic of the beautiful one made by DDIL for Birthday Girl, but this one is a moo greeting card, the lavender pic was taken by DS1. will print your own piccies into mini business, business and greeting cards.

We all had a fun time but the Grandies had the most fun, they got to hang out with Uncle and do 'boy stuff', there was a lot of raucous laughter going on and such excited beaming little faces when they were collected up to go home.
A great start to the 'Birthday Season'.....

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