Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cancer Fundraiser

Our quilting group had a fund raising afternoon tea today, lots of donated gifts for a rolling raffle, great fun, and I won, would you believe it, another tape measure! a little mauve one. I think I'll start a collection
I was inspired to peer into the little draw where I keep this odd assortment of measuring tapes and a few memories came rolling back of early sewing days, the oldest measure is the white one with the faded red numbers. I got it when I was about 18, way back when dirt was mud, it was the newest must have, a fiberglass tape measure, guaranteed to last, tick that one, and guaranteed not to stretch, another tick.

Boy, that tape has seen a few projects, sewing for myself before I was married, making babies and kiddies clothing when we were in the Islands (Nauru and Solomons), all the way to current days where I use it to measure quilt backs and wadding.

But the tape I have used most in the last 10 years, yep, the builders tape!, got that little sucker when we renovated, needed it to check everything from the size of mouldings to tiles to timber lengths and beyond. Every gal needs a builders tape, its even got my name scratched into the back, 'cause the tradies kept on asking for a 'lend' - or maybe they just wanted me to stop measuring stuff ...

These beautiful orchids are grown by Inga, one of our members, she bought them along to pretty up our tea table and then they were raffled off to a very happy lass.

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