Sunday, July 26, 2009

Patty Cake Tower

Look at this for a birthday cake, a tower of Patty Cakes with a quilting theme, the top cake is a pincushion, complete with needle and thread,

A Kaleidoscope and a nine patch 'blocks'
Cute little pincushion with a button on top, a collection of all those little 'ears' that get trimmed from the completed blocks. For a non sewer this lass did some serious research.
Stars, a snatch of a nine patch, and another flower and button pincushion
Another 9 patch, and down the bottom a pinwheel
but just look at this one, cotton reels and thread! Talk about detail!
and finally, a close up of the pincushion with needle and thread. I heard that there were some cakes that got a stern talking too about conforming to shape, and I believe it, this is an amazing job, Thank You DDIL, the table decorations, balloons and such a special cake went a long way to making this such a wonderful day

Friday, July 24, 2009

A Wonderful Birthday Dinner and Pressies Galore

After a well earned nap, collected the eldest Grandie and home for a few minutes, just enough time for him to disappear into my sewing room where he made me a little gift, a mini version of the cushions he and his brother made themselves a few days ago.
Then into the car and toddling on down the hill to his house for one of the best meals I've had in a long time, cooked and presented by DS2 and DDIL, everything was delicious but two things really stood out, the roast potatoes and the caramel sauce, now they were to die for.
The occasion was of course, a birthday, one of those that only comes along every now and again and ends in 0........eeek, am I that old?

Well yes I am, and although there have been tough patches and bits I don't want to re-visit, even in memories, on the whole it has been an interesting and fun journey.

The Darling and I were blessed with 3 wonderful and very different Sons who grew into the Men we are so proud of today. Our little family of 5 has increased almost 2 fold, with the inclusion of 2 very special Daughters - in - Law and 2 Grandsons that keep us young...........and 'zorsted'.
We started the evening with strawberry champagne, and then the wonderful Chilli Chicken on Won-ton pictured above, a real explosion of lovely fresh flavours in your mouth.
Divine, but more was to follow.
The tomato and bread salad may be a classic but it is a wonderful side dish for this.....
a succulent roast chicken, stuffed with lemons and herbs and roasted with bacon lardons.

The bacon and the most delicious crispy but fluffy roast potatoes ever, but e v e r.

My meal, fit for a gal who has seen lotsa birthday dinners, even had a little gravy on my salad, oopsie!
All of this was followed by
Dessert!.........yum, a light sticky date pudding with the richest caramel sauce you could ever imagine, praline divine and a strawberry, all of this accompanied by champagne and a dinner wine, I am one very spoiled lady.
This was just part of my Birthday Celebrations, I have to tell you having sons is just the very best!

The littlest Grandie is right..............

.........Grandma is zoorsted.......(exhausted), well definitely pooped.

Day started off early with a visit from a friend bearing a gift of lovely choccies, then off to pick up the littlest for a bit of one on one time, he hates shopping, so of course we went shopping, firstly to the toy shop where he got himself an addition to his Mutant Turtle collection, then as we were so close to eckersley's we popped in there where his little mind nearly went into overload, he had never seen such an array of crayons and pencils, he choose a marker in the shape of a dog for himself and Grandma got some pastel dye sticks that he was eyeing off. He can see real possiblilities there.
Then we went off to buy a cake pan to make a cake for Grandad's lunch, well he sulked in the car all the way there, and drug himself along the pavement with quite the crabby little face, all the while muttering about hating shopping and rolling his eyes.

The cake pans were right by the door and the perfect one was on top, so 30 seconds and we are ready to go, but no, those rolling little eyes are now just about bugging out of his head, he couldn't believe all the goodies in that store, all the time the sales assistant was chatting to him, pointing out such a pile of deliciousness, it cost a fortune and took an age to finally drag that little boy out of that store.
Talk about clever merchandising, all the little things all at little eye height, he got a mini silicone basting brush, new word for him, a mini whisk that he is giving a test run in the piccie above, a meat baller (melon baller), a gift for Dad to make little meatballs, 2 funky egg cups, one for his brother and a long handled spoon, and I haven't a clue what he wanted that for but want it he did.

Then we went to the cafe for lunch, where among other things he had a strawberry milkshake with pink marshmallows, it was definitely time for us both to have a nap after a quick trip to the $2 store, and so home for him and home for me. What a wonderful birthday morning.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Japanese Doll Bookmark

Knowing I was to make and send a bookmark to an member of an online book group, when I spotted this Carol Saunders pattern at the recent Textile Show, I snapped it up.
Couldn't get my head around one of the instructions so 'phoned Carol, what a lovely lady, she set me straight in no time flat and off I sailed into making this little lady.
I changed things around a little when attaching the head to the body, pulling the "hair" down at the back of the head a little lower and affixing the body to the head slightly differently.
I hope my Swap Sister likes it. Guess time will tell, am off to post it now, its due to be posted by the 25th, so finished just in time.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A lucky shot...

Its our Quilt Show this weekend, and with the usual feelings of frustration of so many quilts, so little time, along with being a little overwhelmed by my decision to post a pic of absolutely every single quilt on display, a bigger job that I had hoped, I was a little flat on my way back to the cottage this morning.

On the way out the driveway I just glanced over at the parking bay and saw this butterfly just sunning himself, set the camera up and not really believing I would be able to get close enough, I crept across the gravel, as you can see, he/she, just continued to sit and sun...........It's a magical day!
All tiredness just seeped away.
Its truly the little things that are priceless.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Book mark Swap

This beautiful Hardanger bookmark arrived in the mail last night, isn't it gorgeous?. I am so in awe of anyone who can do Hardanger, its not going to be something I will be achieving in the near future, so that makes it even more precious.

It is a secret swap, but with a clue in the card, so I'm pretty sure my swap partner is Sharon Humphreys, from south of here, N.S.W. maybe........gotta go do some research and thanking, just wanted to share the pretty.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Pretty Cake and some Success.

Invited to share in a delicious lamb stew for dinner last night, yay!, deliciousness and no work, how good was that.
When we arrived the youngest Grandie met me at the door with 'did you bring your cambera'?, no I hadn't, he was disappointed and the reason why soon surfaced, he wanted to take a pic of the pretty cake 'mine Mum' had just made. Isn't it just the prettiest thing, and how cute are the ladybugs!.

Well Mum, aka DDIL, said we could have it for dessert, but the main was too yummy and we all stuffed ourselves silly, and here is the best bit, as we were leaving, already laden with a bag of lemons - lemon butter to come, and a sheet of perspex - soon I'm gonna have a light box, DDIL offered the cake to take to my Patchwork group that is meeting this arvo, yay and yum, no lunch for me today! DDIL is interested in cake decorating and every book advises her to practice, practice, practice, so I'm sure there will be more cakes in Patchworks future.

And the success?.........well a couple of weeks ago my second screen gave up the ghost, and I am now used to using two screens, so I scratched around and unearthed my old screen, googled how to connect a second screen, god I lurve.....lurve google and off I went.

It didn't work, oh the disappointment, so in defeat I went off to make a coffee, and as I flicked the switch to turn on the kettle, a little switch in my mind also went off, I rushed back to my room, pressed the 'on' button and lo and behold......success is mine. Two Screens!!!
I cannot tell you just what a sense of achievement this techno -a- phobe is feeling just now.

So now I'm off to the cottage with a lovely cake to do a little more skiting

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Exploding Frypan and a Delicious Salad

The day was all planned, the menu sorted, the food packed into the esky and off we went to Brissy to our eldest DDS and DDIL (formerly the new bride - well its been a couple of years so hence the new title).

I had planned a lovely sounding Ginger Steak Salad from Ree over at The Pioneer Woman Cooks an amazing new blog I have recently come across,,
This is a pic of Ree's fabulous salad, because of the kerfuffle later on I missed a pic of my salad, but I followed Ree's recipe to the letter and it was divine, so have borrowed her pic to show you how great it was. Go visit her blog and have a drool or two, and while you are there, get yourself a romance novel fix by reading High heels to Tractors, the story of how she met her Darling. Ohh steamy..

It was a two fold plan, celebrate the eldest's birthday and watch a slide show of the amazing photos they took on their recent Tassy holiday, some of which can be viewed here on flickr

We took the trusty cast iron frypan with us, the idea being that there would be no muss, no fuss and the dirty dishes would come home with us. Hmmmmm good plan.

Now the eldest and DDIL have one of those ceramic electric cook tops and I think this may be where I came undone, and undone in a most spectacular way.

I have been using these cast iron frypans that you get from a camping goods store to cook steak for quite a while, heat the pan, add the steaks and sear them, then unscrew the handle and into a 220 deg oven for 5 - 7 min, easy peasy and beautiful steaks.

This time though there was a little surprise, while heating the pan there was a huge explosion and half the fry pan shot backwards off the stove to the bench and the other half shot forwards off the stove top, and landed on the floor, where it sort of skittered around in circles but still travelled across the floor.

The DDIL and I looked at it, looked at each other some and looked at the pan again. Neither could believe what had just happened. We were so lucky not to be injured and that no damage was done to anything else. I picked up the frypan and popped it into the sink. What else could I do?? faint?? - and I can tell you, it was a bit of an option there for a second or two.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sunrises...........ya gotta love em...

specially when a smaller..well slightly smaller person ( gee....what kinda fertilizer do they put in kids food these days???) in your life wakes you 2 entire hrs before the sun was due to raise its sleepy head.....O M G not sure I wanted to do this, so we staggered off to visit Grandad.

"Honey? are you awake?"...gentle sorta snore kinda woofy as NO AND GO AWAY, .....awwwww...he's still sleepin'

SCHMACK!! on the edge of the bed, "Honey? are you awake?...........we kinda wanna know what time the sun comes up?"

Well, we got the info on the winter soltice, how far we were into it and daylight and sunset times..........whatever, this couldn't be right, surely,.........hey, it was early - right!. I am not a morning person.
So, lets go google it, prove to the Grandie that bed was a good place to be. Yep, Grandad and Computer agree, Sunrise at 6:38 A.M. by this time it was 4.45A.M. so we staggered, well one of us staggered back to the warm clime of quilties and soft spots to lay one's weary head.
Oh goody goody, my fave position, reclining watching movies on the back of my eyelids, but wait, something is pulling me back.....and its not just one thing................sigh!, I slowly open one eyelid, just a smidgen, but its more than enough, they know I'm awake, the Grandie and the Shitzu, both with eyes just peeking over the edge.
So, I gave in, made hot drinks all round, yep, one for Granddad too ( even though he was right) and we packed ourselves off to the beach to watch the Sunrise. Grandie 1, me and the Shitzu.

This pic is really badly focused, but it shows the park lights pooling on the grass and the first light peeking over the horizon.

Well we were outnumbered from the get go, my god, don't people sleep anymore??, there was a group exercising on the lovely flat surface of the H.M.A.S. Brisbane memorial, there were groups, bouncing and running and stretching all along the paths and in little groups by the B.B.Q shelters.

A little more light and colour coming along, oops, who stayed in their P.J.'s for the big trip?
Focus still a problem.
and then the Birds arrived...the feathered kind that is!, Ibis and Bush Turkeys, and tinsy little flitter from tree top to tree top kinds of birds, ye gods, even if you squinted your could barely see them.
Anyway, we got some great shots and just so we could remember this day for the rest of our lives, well for a while at least, we decided on Maccas for Breakfast, my goodness, doesn't a bacon and egg mcmuffin fill you to the gunwhales? and as we scratched around the car for more change, and by the way, a big thank you to the very and I do mean v e r y patient chappie taking our order, one item at a time..........'really, its only that much, well lets see what we have here'....... we finally arrive home and surprised Grandad with a Maccas brecky. And a Shitzu who fancied himself as a bit of a world traveller, shared his with the Rudie the Sheltie, and all was happy and harmonious........well for a bit at least.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Staring Bird.......

We just got a new baby cockatiel, we called him Nibbler but we are thinking of changing his name.
He always flips his wings and he goes mad. But now he is learning to fly. Today he flew from the lounge room into the kitchen, but not very high. He likes to chew on paper and he poops a LOT...

He always goes aggressive about my Mum's rings and trys to chew on them
Written by Grandie 1. who should be in bed snoozing. Nite Nite.