Saturday, July 4, 2009

Exploding Frypan and a Delicious Salad

The day was all planned, the menu sorted, the food packed into the esky and off we went to Brissy to our eldest DDS and DDIL (formerly the new bride - well its been a couple of years so hence the new title).

I had planned a lovely sounding Ginger Steak Salad from Ree over at The Pioneer Woman Cooks an amazing new blog I have recently come across,,
This is a pic of Ree's fabulous salad, because of the kerfuffle later on I missed a pic of my salad, but I followed Ree's recipe to the letter and it was divine, so have borrowed her pic to show you how great it was. Go visit her blog and have a drool or two, and while you are there, get yourself a romance novel fix by reading High heels to Tractors, the story of how she met her Darling. Ohh steamy..

It was a two fold plan, celebrate the eldest's birthday and watch a slide show of the amazing photos they took on their recent Tassy holiday, some of which can be viewed here on flickr

We took the trusty cast iron frypan with us, the idea being that there would be no muss, no fuss and the dirty dishes would come home with us. Hmmmmm good plan.

Now the eldest and DDIL have one of those ceramic electric cook tops and I think this may be where I came undone, and undone in a most spectacular way.

I have been using these cast iron frypans that you get from a camping goods store to cook steak for quite a while, heat the pan, add the steaks and sear them, then unscrew the handle and into a 220 deg oven for 5 - 7 min, easy peasy and beautiful steaks.

This time though there was a little surprise, while heating the pan there was a huge explosion and half the fry pan shot backwards off the stove to the bench and the other half shot forwards off the stove top, and landed on the floor, where it sort of skittered around in circles but still travelled across the floor.

The DDIL and I looked at it, looked at each other some and looked at the pan again. Neither could believe what had just happened. We were so lucky not to be injured and that no damage was done to anything else. I picked up the frypan and popped it into the sink. What else could I do?? faint?? - and I can tell you, it was a bit of an option there for a second or two.

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Banaghaisge said...

Is the cooktop OK?
Have you recovered yet?