Friday, July 24, 2009

The littlest Grandie is right..............

.........Grandma is zoorsted.......(exhausted), well definitely pooped.

Day started off early with a visit from a friend bearing a gift of lovely choccies, then off to pick up the littlest for a bit of one on one time, he hates shopping, so of course we went shopping, firstly to the toy shop where he got himself an addition to his Mutant Turtle collection, then as we were so close to eckersley's we popped in there where his little mind nearly went into overload, he had never seen such an array of crayons and pencils, he choose a marker in the shape of a dog for himself and Grandma got some pastel dye sticks that he was eyeing off. He can see real possiblilities there.
Then we went off to buy a cake pan to make a cake for Grandad's lunch, well he sulked in the car all the way there, and drug himself along the pavement with quite the crabby little face, all the while muttering about hating shopping and rolling his eyes.

The cake pans were right by the door and the perfect one was on top, so 30 seconds and we are ready to go, but no, those rolling little eyes are now just about bugging out of his head, he couldn't believe all the goodies in that store, all the time the sales assistant was chatting to him, pointing out such a pile of deliciousness, it cost a fortune and took an age to finally drag that little boy out of that store.
Talk about clever merchandising, all the little things all at little eye height, he got a mini silicone basting brush, new word for him, a mini whisk that he is giving a test run in the piccie above, a meat baller (melon baller), a gift for Dad to make little meatballs, 2 funky egg cups, one for his brother and a long handled spoon, and I haven't a clue what he wanted that for but want it he did.

Then we went to the cafe for lunch, where among other things he had a strawberry milkshake with pink marshmallows, it was definitely time for us both to have a nap after a quick trip to the $2 store, and so home for him and home for me. What a wonderful birthday morning.

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