Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Pretty Cake and some Success.

Invited to share in a delicious lamb stew for dinner last night, yay!, deliciousness and no work, how good was that.
When we arrived the youngest Grandie met me at the door with 'did you bring your cambera'?, no I hadn't, he was disappointed and the reason why soon surfaced, he wanted to take a pic of the pretty cake 'mine Mum' had just made. Isn't it just the prettiest thing, and how cute are the ladybugs!.

Well Mum, aka DDIL, said we could have it for dessert, but the main was too yummy and we all stuffed ourselves silly, and here is the best bit, as we were leaving, already laden with a bag of lemons - lemon butter to come, and a sheet of perspex - soon I'm gonna have a light box, DDIL offered the cake to take to my Patchwork group that is meeting this arvo, yay and yum, no lunch for me today! DDIL is interested in cake decorating and every book advises her to practice, practice, practice, so I'm sure there will be more cakes in Patchworks future.

And the success?.........well a couple of weeks ago my second screen gave up the ghost, and I am now used to using two screens, so I scratched around and unearthed my old screen, googled how to connect a second screen, god I lurve.....lurve google and off I went.

It didn't work, oh the disappointment, so in defeat I went off to make a coffee, and as I flicked the switch to turn on the kettle, a little switch in my mind also went off, I rushed back to my room, pressed the 'on' button and lo and behold......success is mine. Two Screens!!!
I cannot tell you just what a sense of achievement this techno -a- phobe is feeling just now.

So now I'm off to the cottage with a lovely cake to do a little more skiting

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Banaghaisge said...

goodness! How amazing to see my blog onanother blog!!!
Two screens is a great idea. If I had another one...
How was the show at the w/e? Did you see Elspeth?