Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sunrises...........ya gotta love em...

specially when a smaller..well slightly smaller person ( gee....what kinda fertilizer do they put in kids food these days???) in your life wakes you 2 entire hrs before the sun was due to raise its sleepy head.....O M G not sure I wanted to do this, so we staggered off to visit Grandad.

"Honey? are you awake?"...gentle sorta snore kinda woofy as NO AND GO AWAY, .....awwwww...he's still sleepin'

SCHMACK!! on the edge of the bed, "Honey? are you awake?...........we kinda wanna know what time the sun comes up?"

Well, we got the info on the winter soltice, how far we were into it and daylight and sunset times..........whatever, this couldn't be right, surely,.........hey, it was early - right!. I am not a morning person.
So, lets go google it, prove to the Grandie that bed was a good place to be. Yep, Grandad and Computer agree, Sunrise at 6:38 A.M. by this time it was 4.45A.M. so we staggered, well one of us staggered back to the warm clime of quilties and soft spots to lay one's weary head.
Oh goody goody, my fave position, reclining watching movies on the back of my eyelids, but wait, something is pulling me back.....and its not just one thing................sigh!, I slowly open one eyelid, just a smidgen, but its more than enough, they know I'm awake, the Grandie and the Shitzu, both with eyes just peeking over the edge.
So, I gave in, made hot drinks all round, yep, one for Granddad too ( even though he was right) and we packed ourselves off to the beach to watch the Sunrise. Grandie 1, me and the Shitzu.

This pic is really badly focused, but it shows the park lights pooling on the grass and the first light peeking over the horizon.

Well we were outnumbered from the get go, my god, don't people sleep anymore??, there was a group exercising on the lovely flat surface of the H.M.A.S. Brisbane memorial, there were groups, bouncing and running and stretching all along the paths and in little groups by the B.B.Q shelters.

A little more light and colour coming along, oops, who stayed in their P.J.'s for the big trip?
Focus still a problem.
and then the Birds arrived...the feathered kind that is!, Ibis and Bush Turkeys, and tinsy little flitter from tree top to tree top kinds of birds, ye gods, even if you squinted your could barely see them.
Anyway, we got some great shots and just so we could remember this day for the rest of our lives, well for a while at least, we decided on Maccas for Breakfast, my goodness, doesn't a bacon and egg mcmuffin fill you to the gunwhales? and as we scratched around the car for more change, and by the way, a big thank you to the very and I do mean v e r y patient chappie taking our order, one item at a time..........'really, its only that much, well lets see what we have here'....... we finally arrive home and surprised Grandad with a Maccas brecky. And a Shitzu who fancied himself as a bit of a world traveller, shared his with the Rudie the Sheltie, and all was happy and harmonious........well for a bit at least.

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