Friday, July 24, 2009

A Wonderful Birthday Dinner and Pressies Galore

After a well earned nap, collected the eldest Grandie and home for a few minutes, just enough time for him to disappear into my sewing room where he made me a little gift, a mini version of the cushions he and his brother made themselves a few days ago.
Then into the car and toddling on down the hill to his house for one of the best meals I've had in a long time, cooked and presented by DS2 and DDIL, everything was delicious but two things really stood out, the roast potatoes and the caramel sauce, now they were to die for.
The occasion was of course, a birthday, one of those that only comes along every now and again and ends in 0........eeek, am I that old?

Well yes I am, and although there have been tough patches and bits I don't want to re-visit, even in memories, on the whole it has been an interesting and fun journey.

The Darling and I were blessed with 3 wonderful and very different Sons who grew into the Men we are so proud of today. Our little family of 5 has increased almost 2 fold, with the inclusion of 2 very special Daughters - in - Law and 2 Grandsons that keep us young...........and 'zorsted'.
We started the evening with strawberry champagne, and then the wonderful Chilli Chicken on Won-ton pictured above, a real explosion of lovely fresh flavours in your mouth.
Divine, but more was to follow.
The tomato and bread salad may be a classic but it is a wonderful side dish for this.....
a succulent roast chicken, stuffed with lemons and herbs and roasted with bacon lardons.

The bacon and the most delicious crispy but fluffy roast potatoes ever, but e v e r.

My meal, fit for a gal who has seen lotsa birthday dinners, even had a little gravy on my salad, oopsie!
All of this was followed by
Dessert!.........yum, a light sticky date pudding with the richest caramel sauce you could ever imagine, praline divine and a strawberry, all of this accompanied by champagne and a dinner wine, I am one very spoiled lady.
This was just part of my Birthday Celebrations, I have to tell you having sons is just the very best!


Anonymous said...

The desert looks fantastic He's bloody good at it


quiltinbysea said...

Thanks Shell, yes he is isn't he, and all self taught!