Monday, August 31, 2009

Photo of the Day

Finished my projects, it was a bit of a marathon but I'm so pleased that they are all ready to roll out the door. 
It's now too late in the day, read dark, to take a pic, so I'm using one I took some time ago, back in May.
Now off to feed the furry and fluffy tribe, then after a quick wizz around with the vaccum and a duster, kick back and relax.  It really does feel good to be back on track and achieving in the sewing room.  Maybe I can get a few dozen quilts finished, well a few would be good.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Log Cabin Blocks and Bali Flags

It was barely day light when I started cutting out 1" strips this morning, this was snapped after I turned off the lighting.  I have not been able to sew and am way behind, so need to do a couple of days of just sewing, gee, isn't that hard to take.
And what, I hear you ask, do you do with a whole bunch of 1" strips, well if you are not nuts you don't cut them out to begin with, but I have a project, a row x row that has to be finished by Wednesday and it has to be log cabin and I really want a particular design, and it will only work with 1/2" logs.
All I need is 30 something of these little suckers, so far I'm about 1/3rd of the way into them, so am hopeful of finishing them on time.
The other big thing I have been working on is sewing these Bali Flags for a lass who sells them.  Don't they look cute, just imagine them hanging properly from poles, not just draped over my veranda.
Of course the Grandies want one, one each that is, I think I will have to become a customer.

Photo Of The Day

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Photo Of The Day

Missed it yesterday, busy day catching up after almost 2 weeks of not being able to move too well. So here is this mornings sunrise through the curtains above my computer.
Have been struggling to sew Bali Flags, but will blitz them today and then on to the log cabin for the last row of the swap.  Will post pics of the lovely hand painted flags later on today

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday 27th August Photo Of The Day

A few days back the 7yr old Grandson called and asked for a shoebox, he needed one to make a diorama at school, he chose Cockatiel's as his subject in honour of his new pet, Saffron.
He proudly showed me his finished work of art after dinner tonight, it includes a bird bath made from a matchbox and some blue cellophane that he wet and folded to get an interesting effect.

Cockatiel Flying

One of many Cockatiels feeding, yep that is real bird seed, donated by Saffron his pet.

Another Cockatiel feeding, bit hard to see his beak at this angle but its there, buried in more of Saffron's donated seed.

Lastly, another feeding Cockatiel, with a shrub in the background. This is the best Photo of the Day ever and will be hard to beat.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday 26th August, Photo Of The Day

A vibrant burst of colour.

Calliandra bud.
Each little bud bursts open to form a tiny white feathery flower and long red stamens.
Calliandra Bloom, Bud and dying flower, the flowers loose shape and dry out then fall to the ground.

Cumquats and Limes

Did some fruit preserving this morning, Brandied Cumquats, the beginning of Cumquat Syrup and a preserved Lime.

A change from the usual marmalades and pickled cumquats.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday 25-8-09 Photo of the Day

While harvesting the cumquats yesterday, I noticed that the lime tree has blossoms in various stages.

Unopened Buds and one at the top just starting to open

A fully opened bud

Tinsy little limes forming, more visible at the bottom of the pic
And lots of fine small spiderwebs, wonder if I should do something about that or just let live?.
maybe I should google it?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Another scandal - is this the death of (a) football?

Our eldest DS has a wicked sense of humor and is a bit of a wizz with a camera.

I was particularly taken with this shot from his recent flickr posts and thought you might enjoy it and his comments too.

His comments on the flickr page read as: "I had no intention of creating an image that was a social comment on the current state of football given all the current scandals - but as I was wandering around the grounds I stumbled upon an old ball that's seen better days - and with the storm coming through - it was too good an opportunity to pass up.

Granted - the ball wasn't in the spot it was photographed - I must've looked a sight, wandering around the stadium, dead football in hand....."

Facebook malfunction

Oh dear, who can't get pics to load on Facebook. So am loading a couple of the gentleman in black for DS. Pat needed, now would be good.
Dogs are so juvenile, sitting over there with their tongues hangin out, anyone would think it was hot, oh thats right 35degrees C is hot.

Just hangin loose after a good pat and roll on the concrete.

Cumquat Harvest with a rather lovely black cat

Have been waiting for the cumquats to ripen, and noticed that one had fallen from the tree, so off to harvest, tomorow there will be cumquat marmalade, brandied cumquats and pickled cumquats, which by the way are just delish, mashed into butter and used on steak or grilled chicken.
While out there, I had a little company, DS3's cat, he is a bit lonely at the moment as DS is touring route 66 in USA and from all the pics on facebook they are having a great time.
Our dogs get a bit jealous of the pats and attention the white whiskered gentleman gets, but puss lords it over them and just stalks around with his tail in the air.

The fastest reverse stitcher ever

Stitching some beautifully coloured Bali Flags and made a mistake way up the end, blast, the whole line of stitching had to come undone. Time to grab my trusty Wahl.
I first came across this very handy little sewing room extra on Ami Simms 'Through The Eyes Of A Quilter' blog at and being a bit of an Ami Fan I just had to try one of these little handy dandy's out.
Of course, here in Aus. it wasn't the bargain buy that Ami Simms was recommending, but I managed to track one down that wasn't an arm - leg - mortgage the house option and I have to say its a little pardon the pun.
The stitching threads get cut by the little teeth, much as pet fur does, which is what the Whal Pocket Pro Pet Trimmer is designed for. As with all things magical, it has its little personality traits, the fabric has to be kept flat and the stitches at a firm tension to allow the little teeth to slide in.

And these are the little extras you get in the pack. Guide combs, cleaning brush, oil and even a battery, oh and that black square at the top........not a clue, just came with the piccie. You can get them from Amazon or any Vet.
One of those 'how did I live without this gadget' type of things, just make sure you research the price.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Aww, do I hafta?

Time, yet again for this fluffy fella to get a short back and sides, he loves the end result but isn't into standing for long periods of time. Laid him on the grooming box, in the sunshine and guess what, as I clipped I became aware of a low kind of rumbling noise, Is he growling at me???, a quick check of the other end and nope, he was fast asleep!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Strawberry Roses

The littlest Grandie and his Mum came to visit yesterday and bought this beautiful bouquet of roses and chocolate coated strawberries as a get well for someone who had a bit of a scare over the weekend. Everything turned out fine, but this little man wanted to come and say "Hi"!, well those chocolate strawberries were yum and not easily resisted, especially for a strawberry aficionado, so a big Thank You to everyone for your care and concern.