Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday 27th August Photo Of The Day

A few days back the 7yr old Grandson called and asked for a shoebox, he needed one to make a diorama at school, he chose Cockatiel's as his subject in honour of his new pet, Saffron.
He proudly showed me his finished work of art after dinner tonight, it includes a bird bath made from a matchbox and some blue cellophane that he wet and folded to get an interesting effect.

Cockatiel Flying

One of many Cockatiels feeding, yep that is real bird seed, donated by Saffron his pet.

Another Cockatiel feeding, bit hard to see his beak at this angle but its there, buried in more of Saffron's donated seed.

Lastly, another feeding Cockatiel, with a shrub in the background. This is the best Photo of the Day ever and will be hard to beat.

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