Monday, September 21, 2009

Beautifully Decorated Boxes

It is school hols, you know, that time when Mum's search - sometimes desperately - for activities to keep the kiddies occupied.  These two have had a ball decorating boxes. 

There is a tiny pot planter on my kitchen window sill, with small shells that I collected a long time ago that the youngest Grandie has always loved to play with. 
Would pop him up on the bench while his brother & I were cooking up something delicious and while drawing breath from multiple asks to use the largest and sharpest knife, he would amuse himself with the shells, with us only occasionally having to fish them out of pots and piles of chopped vegies. Not sure if that is what started him off or not but he has been collecting shells each time he visits the beach for awhile now. 
Last weekend Grandad gave him this rather useful port presentation box that he had scored for his birthday, sadly the bottle is in the re-cycling bin now but it was lovely while it lasted.
The eldest didn't have a box, so a visit to the $2 shop was a must, and this is the result, two rather special boxes for the keeping of those special bibs and bobs that little boys collect and treasure.

They stayed for dinner and 2 movies last night, another run of those Peter Pan faves and an introduction to strawberry frozen yoghurt. Now that was Yum.
While scoffing down the yoghurt the eldest spied a young praying mantis, so as pic of the day, here he is, preening himself on a New York street, or rather on a pic of a poster.

And the Free Motion Quilting?  well that had to take a back seat to the days events, but the youngest Grandie did find something in the mailbox that will hopefully be helpful for the free motion quilting.  Will tell you all about that tomorow.

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