Tuesday, September 22, 2009


How hard can it be for heavens sake. 
Have to have some blood tests done, fasting blood tests, and each morning in the wee small hours when I awake, what do I do, well make a coffee of course, still half asleep and there goes the fasting, well I think I could get away with the coffee, its the biccie I have with it that blows me out of the water............perhaps tomorow, perhaps post it notes on the jug, the coffee, the biccie barrel, it certainly didn't work on the bathroom mirror!

Quaint and Colourful Photo of the Day
A walk along the Maroochy River and you will see several of these little private jetties, all locked up, just waiting for someone to fish from them.  Some of them are held together with fencing wire and very little else.

I promised to tell you of some goodies that came in the mail to help with the Free Motion Quilting, Leah Day  whose tutorials I am following, sells and recommends the Machingers quilting gloves and the Supreme Slider.  Have had a go this morning, in the wee small hours of this morning, and I am sold. 

Would take a piccie to show you but the youngest Grandie was using the camera last night and gee, strange as it may seem, the battery is flat - so if you would like to see these wonderful gloves and slider, pop over to Leahs shop http://www.daystyledesigns.com/quiltshop.htm, they are the first two products featured so not hard to find.

Re-did day 1 'Shadow Waves' and am very pleased with myself, well, I was very pleased with what I did for the first 3/4ers of the sample, then things got very sticky, if you will pardon the pun, drat!.

My sewing desk is actually an old Office Works cheapie with a sewing table extension that our Son built onto the front so that I could recess my machine, unfortunately there is a tiny lip between the two surfaces, not much, but enough to catch the sample, double drat!, it will have to be fixed somehow, not sure how, but will ask the Son, he will know, he always has an answer, Mr Practical, Mr Fixit will fix it.  I am confident.

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