Friday, September 18, 2009

A Cunning Plan,

is coming undone..........Decided that I needed a bit of a break, best way to get that is to take a break from cooking, the one thing that takes up most of my daily time and effort, well thats the way I feel at the moment, and that fussy Shitzu who will only eat fresh cooked with cheese on top isn't helping. 

Oh yes, I can hear you thinking he will eat when he is hungry, why that was my thoughts exactly but really, 4 days, can you imagine it, 4 days with a little dog's tummy grumbling so loudly that he would wake you up in the middle of the night!

So I drew up a menu, shopped, drug it all home - and this is where I should have had a bit of a wake up call, it was hard to stuff all those ingredients into the fridge, but I thought not to worry, it will soon be dinners in the freezer, did I look in the freezer?, are there bears on the Moon? No, I didn't.  And now I realise that I am not cooking for us for a week, its more like a batallion for a month. 

I think I shall have to phone the Darling to buy me a freezer on the way home, you can do that right?, Just pop into K-Mart and pick up a freezer, I'm sure I've seen them sometime or other.

I'm gonna take a break and visit some of the Gum Tree Designers, just for fun.
 I popped all of their individual blog buttons in the sidebar as well as the Gum Tree button, why not, gotta have an adventure every day, and I don't like my adventure so far today.
Oh, and for a pic of the day, the Bahinias are in bloom.  Arn't the colours gorgeous?

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