Saturday, September 12, 2009

A little too much wine for a little green bug.

On the way to the dining table, this little chap landed in my wine, he did look rather pretty with his gossamer green wings floating on the surface of the wine, but he wasn't on the menu so I flicked him out onto my napkin, where he did a bit of wriggling, or maybe that would be writhing,.... how drunk was that bug? was he poisoned? gasping his last gasp? I left him to it.
Imagine my surprise at end of dinner to see the napkine vacant, where was he?, found the little bug on the side of the table, trying to unstick the last pair of wings, in pretty short time he took off for the ceiling, hastened I suspect by the camera light, it really did seem to upset him, waving his ever so long feelers around every time the light went on. 
Wonder how he is feeling this morning?

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