Monday, September 28, 2009

Mary Caincross Park and Rose Leaf Raspberries

Another dust storm on Saturdaynight/Sunday and although it was longer lasting it wasn't as heavy, still  there was a film of dust over everything, again, and the smoke from the bushfires mixed in with the dust made for a rather uncomfortable night,even the dog had trouble breathing and came looking for some comfort .

Sleep-over Saturday night for the Grandies,  up early Sunday, with the youngest a little disappointed we didn't get to see the sunrise.  (It was a case of nose to nose - and a little diget assisting an eyelid open so some real focusing could take place) With all the dust and smoke in the air I guess it would have been spectacular but I was glad for the 6a.m. sleep in.

They were convinced that a long drive would get us away from the smoke and dust and wanted to go to the park on the way to the yoghurt place (Maleny Cheese Factory)  Plenty of dust and smoke still around but they forgot their woes on this contraption at Mary Caincross Park, could barely make out the shape of the Glasshouse mountains across the valley from the Park for the dust/smokey atmosphere.

This was just before the littlest came a cropper, slid off but kept a very firm grip, and got drug around in a circle.  Much consternation and rushing to stop the contraption,  but he jumped up with the biggest grin on his dial and whooped 'That was fun' He would have gone again but someone said nope! no way! not gonna happen!  hope Mum can get the dirt stains out of the new shorts. ooops!.

Then off for a walk in the forrest, the littlest was the first to spy this sign and demand a reading. 

Well it was prickly, and yes there was a bush turkey lurking, but a bit early for chicks.  The raspberries looked delicious, but we resisted the temptation.  Didn't want the ranger after us!  We made do with ice-creams and coffees from the Kiosk, and a very disappointing $2 spent on the telescope, couldn't see a thing! thought that the telescope would see through the smoke.  Sometimes a little guy just has to have the experience instead of taking someones word.

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