Thursday, September 24, 2009

Perfect one day, a wee tad dusty the next.

'Queensland, Beautiful one day, Perfect the next' was an old tourism advertising slogan that has stuck around for years.  Well today was not so beautiful and certainly not perfect.

Like so much of Australia today, we had winds, strong winds, and with the drought leaving so much of the country bone dry, tonns of topsoil became airborne.  All I can smell and taste is dust. The floors feel slippery underfoot with the superfine coating of dust.......dust dust dust.  It is going to be one heck of a clean-up and frankly folks, I'd rather be quilting!
This is the sun, taken at my local shops about 4p.m. this afternoon.

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Linda said...

Amazing. I've enjoyed seeing these sepia-looking photos on several blogs, though I know that for all of you, it isn't really that wonderful. I too would resent the clean-up time taking me away from quilting. Thanks for sharing this picture.