Thursday, September 17, 2009

Photo of the Day

In the not too distant past, took the littlest Grandie to the nursery, he had a ball, so did the patrons and staff, he kept them entertained with his running comments on everything green and all the flowers but his fave was the different fountains and water features.

He bought the house down when he spotted the Strawberry plants, with his description of the efforts he and his Mum have gone to to grow strawberries and failed.  So could we buy some huh Grandma?, as the Gent across the table said, it just had to happen and so it did.

I have the plant sitting on a stand on the back verandah,  yep just one plant - that is enough to be a worrying about, I have had to inspect the leaves on a regular basis for little grubs that were chomping through them, water it every day and feed it and still the berries are not all that chock hot, but I hope a small lad will think they are grand.  Sent him this pic via his Mum's e-mail, just in case the birds, lizards or any other disaster befalls the berries.

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