Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Star Twinkles Restaurant in Nauru

Just found this pic in my e-mail box, sent by the Darling, talk about bring back memories.

Many Many Moons ago, like way back when dirt was mud just about, we were expatriates in Nauru, a tiny little Island just south of the equator, about 34 miles south from memory.  
Our second son - you know, the father of our Grandies - was born there, so yes, it was awhile ago.

On Nauru there were only 2 places to go for a meal out, one was the 'Club' where just about everyone went for Sunday lunch and the other was 'Star Twinks' a lovely little Chinese restaurant,  yeah, yeah, I use the term loosley - very loosley.

The big trick was to arrive after dark, so you didn't notice dinner in the form of Mum and Piglets running through under the tables and of course, or maybe especially, you didn't notice the cemetery next door. Right next door! Yes that Coral rock 'fence' along by the sign and track is the cemetery fence.

We enjoyed many a meal either as a family or with friends at Star Twinks and there are a plethora of stories, from mildly amusing to downright hilarious, but my first Star Twinks story was at the 'welcome to Nauru' dinner where I sat next to a Teachers wife who ordered a Gin and Bitter Lemon to drink, the waiter kept querying the order, he couldn't believe it, and when the drink came we could see why.  She took a sip, thankfully a sip and not a mouthful, it was gin, just gin and floating in the top was 'a bit a lemon'

The pic above comes courtesy of the Darling who was sent the original slide to be scanned and photo shopped by a chap who also was an expatriate around the same era.

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Fabulous photos ! I love the mulberries below the best , take care .