Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend Lunches, Sunday in Noosa and Monday in Malany

Ooooh, what a bunch of gadabouts we all were this weekend, firstly Saturday lunch with the Eldest and his bride, we then went off to a Rheumatology Lecture, they to a movie.

Sunday was a small family luncheon at the Waterfront in Noosa with our youngest and the Darlings Cuz.
We have been to the waterfront several times before, it is in a wonderful location on the river just off Gympie Terrace and they have the most amazing food including fab pizzas, now I can hear you cringe right there, pizzas - fine dining - has she lost her mind?  No it's true, they have the best Tuscan menu including lovely light pizze, cooked in their wood fired oven, and folks I am not a 'Pizza' lover, not even a pizza liker really, but these are rather special.
To check out the restaurant and their menus  follow this link and check out the gallery of restaurant photos while you are there
The Noosa boat club is next door, and as you can see in the background of this pic the Noosa River is just a short float away, so you are treated to an endless parade of rivercraft, tinnies to luxury and a lot in between.
Some people, knowing just how yummy the dessert menu is, shared a pizze and lovely Mediterranean roast vegetable platter just so they could share this.  Heaven, Bliss, Yum.

Today we decided that a trip to Maleny was a 'must do' to stock up on our yoghurt supplies, they have the most luscious yoghurt at Maleny Cheese Factory, not to mention a lovely array of cheeses and other gourmet goodies.
We stopped off at the Maleny Pub before the Factory for a quick bite, they do rather a pleasant steak sandwich that I always enjoy and the Darling enjoyed a bowl of pasta.
While we were waiting for the food to be served I snaped this pic of the Carnations on our table for my Photo of the Day, no fragrance but a pretty soft pink. 
When the food arrived we were so hungry - that's the worst of a late start to the day - we tucked straight in so no piccy - sorry!
But this is will make you envious, beautiful fruity creamy thick yoghurt, something that is wicked and good for you too.
The yoghurt is so wonderfully thick and creamy it lends itself beautifully to a low fat dessert topping instead of cream.  There is a Naturally Sweet version that is my fave and goes with everything you could think of dessert wise.  That spoonful was lifted from the tub and turned over to take its time to drop.  Now that's thick and creamy!
The smaller tub is for the Grandies, not allowed to get the giant economy size as someone, who just loves the berry yoghurt, will eat until its all gone! No restraint that 5 year old!

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