Thursday, October 29, 2009

Photo of the Day

There is always one or two of these flowering under the stairs but how about the eggs under the variagated leaf to the right?  Wonder what little creapy crawlie will hatch from those.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Photo of the Day

Yep, another one, another pic of a Jacaranda flower, this one a close up of one from our tree.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Photo of the Day

Busy, busy, in my neck of the woods for the past couple of weeks.  Hopefully now back on track.

Remember last month when I showed you the beautiful Bahinia bloom?Such a pretty bloom, on a tree with lovely butterfly shaped leaves, well now look.....

Kinda got hit with the ugly stick, these seed pods are a pest and a real mess maker.

Fabulous Hand Dyed Giveaway

Trish from Trish Alan Designs is having a giveaway on her blog

2 packs of matched colour blends with an extra surprise, could that surprise be one of the beautiful hand dyed threads? What bliss to be one of the lucky winners, go on, pop over and leave a comment for a chance to win.

Trish's site is jam packed with all sorts of info and goodies, more tutorials that I have ever seen one one site, lots of info and Craft Classes.  I have just spent a most enjoyable hour or so and given myself a severe attack of the 'I wanna do that, and that, and that' and now its time to get back to the sewing machine.  I do hope your enjoy your visit to Trish's site.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So what do 2 Grandies and a Grandma do when....

.........Daddy, Mummy and Grandad are talking business..........well we took off, there is only so much a couple of boys can do after dinner in a restaurant, especially as their Uncle had already left,  taking  his interesting self and toys off home with him.

The youngest decided that taking pics for Grandmas blog would be the way to go, so here we have "a sticky thing like I got at home"

and a white flower, which on closer examination turned out to have a 'face'.

The eldest took his turn at the camera and composed this little pictorial story.
Firstly the bud emerging, then the full bud exposed,

followed by the unfolding bud and lastly the full flower, face and all.

and the last pic for the night, a very exciting find, a red leaf.  We live in the subtropics and a red leaf is something special.  Gotta think about taking these boys to see some Autum colours in the not too distant future.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Spiders Dinner??

Playing around with the focus options on my camera and when I went to view the pics I was amazed to see this spider.
Hadn't been aware of him at all while snapping away at the bud, sure, saw the ant, how could you miss an ant playing at 'king of the castle', but the spider? Nope.
I later found he came from a very fine web down amoungst the leaves.

The spider crawled up past the ant, turned, snaffled the ant and crawled away behind the bud, gee the life and death struggle that goes on around you without you even noticing!
And that small Hibiscus bud? well its full of all this........

Hibiscus flowers go in for pollen production in a major way.

Really, I should be sewing...

not day dreaming and drooling over this lovely free stitchery from Joy of JoyPatch

There will also be two other designs that Joy will reveal on her blog in the next few weeks, so its a must to visit often........great excuse huh?

Joy is one of the amazing Gum Tree Designers, her design is the second freebie that these ladies are releasing over a 9 week period, so pop over to Among the Gum Tree Designers to get this delicious stitchery or go via Joy's site above.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Nose to the grindstone

Busily stitching vibrant hand painted tablecloths today, and taking pics for a tutorial on mitre corners that I will load in the near future, now I know that close ups show everything, every little flaw, dust mote, stray hair or strand of doggie fur, so I carefully polished everything, even using rainex to polish off the odd tacky bit here and there, but did I think of checking the machine foot?, nope, not a thought, after all, just one tablecloth prior I had given everything a thorough clean, changed the needle, etc, etc. you know the story!

Well imagine my astonishment, and lets not even go near the embarrassment part, when I loaded all the pics and found not only this horror, but many others of the same ilk.  Dirty, dusty, fluffy bits all over my foot.....Ack!

O.K., gotta go get some pretties, so out into the garden and was lucky enough to capture this little cutie, well yes I know, it's a weed, but heck, every weed is a pretty somewhere else in the world. 
We have an open stairwell at the front of the house, with various mainly leafy plants and a couple of interesting lilly types growing underneath, and now this little guy is trying to find a foothold, go little weed, go.

A New Chair for the sewing room

After another dumping from the beastly second chair in my sewing room, resulting in a bit of a meeting between my moosh (face) and the edge of the sewing desk, the Darling got involved and encouraged me  ( with a rather heavy subsidy) to get another chair.  As you can see there isn't a whole lot of extra space in my sewing room, and on the other side of this work station is where I sew the bali flags.
To move the sewing chair from one side of the room to the other should be easy but in reality isn't, especially when the grandies are visiting and have claimed the best seat in the house, so to speak.  Which is how come I was on the beast.  The new chair is a bit upmarket from my usual sewing chair with the addition of a 'lift' lever that allows the seat of the chair to tilt forward.  Perfect for freemotion quilting.  Can't wait to try it out.
So there are now 3 chairs in the sewing room, the beast is a cheapie students chair and will be safe and appreciated by the youngest Grandie, he will now have a chair instead of draging the folding footstool around to sit on.

Photo of the day for Saturday, taken in the driveway of our Eldest and the new Brides home on our last visit.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Jacaranda at Wesley

Really, it's half a Jacaranda, the train line runs close on the right of this tree and to say it is heavily pruned is a bit of an understatement, the road passes on its left and between the camera and the tree is a roadside carpark.  This tree is under siege and yet still manages to bring beauty to the world.  When the blossom falls there is a thick purple carpet and then the light feathery leaves will clothe the tree through summer, shading innumerable cars and people. 
Our youngest son has had a really tough time of it in this past year, with 2 microsurgeries and many visits to the hospital near where this tree stands, so for his sake I am hoping not to see too much more of this tree, but I am grateful for it's beauty and what it has given to me.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Photo of the Day

Hydranger for a new born little girl. 

Monday, October 5, 2009

Lasagne Dinner

Got a phone call, the eldest Grandie, with a little help from his Mum, had made a dish of Lasagne and invited us over to sample his most excellent cooking.

I offered a salad, so after a quick harvest in the garden and making sure there were plenty of his favourite olives and cheese included, we arrived and found a rather excited Grandie, hosting his first dinner party.  He was a little unsure about the success of using that spatula to serve, so Mum stepped in and did the deed.

Uummm yum, a lovely lasagne dinner, greatly enjoyed by all.  Thank you sweetie for a wonderful evening.

Photo of the Day

The Geisha Girl is in full bloom, and there are bees by the dozen busily collecting pollen.  I used the Darlings camera while hanging out the upstairs window to take this pic, the focus is on the closer leaves, leaving the bee and flowers a little blurry. 
October really is a month of purples with the Bahinia, Jacaranda, Lavender and Geisha Girl all putting on a beautiful display.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

How long is that Water Dragon?

Linda asked how long that Water dragon is, well the retaining wall he is sitting on in this pic measures 19 1/2" high and other pics of him on top of the wall show him almost as long from nose to beginning of tail as is one  approx 10" brick, so as a rough guestimate I would say about 22" long. 
Thanks for your lovely comments Linda, Water Dragons are also found as far south as Sydney and there is also a 'Gippsland variation' hope you get to see one in the wild on your upcoming Aussie visit.

Run up your leg?

Its been a bit of a week, what with one thing and another not so much achieved.  This morning I decided to take the Darling up on his offer of trying out his camera, a wee tad more upmarket than my beloved Pentax. The bright idea was to use the one card and swap it between cameras, so off I went to take some closeups of the few flowers in our rather parched and now sad little garden.

While bending down to get this pic,

heard a rustle amongst the dry dead leaves and felt something brush my foot.  Now being the extremely brave soul that I am, I froze, stopped breathing already, and ever so slowly turned my eyes to behold this little guy.  He was as shocked as I, he had been chasing a flying bug for brecky, and must have lost sight of the extras in his surroundings, me and the Shitzu.  The Water Dragon just sat there and enjoyed his buggy breakfast, the Shitzu wandered off to the other side of the garden, and I started breathing, then ever so slowly turned my camera on him, after the first million shots or so, while he paraded around, even climbing up the retaining wall and posing on top,  I realised the battery was getting a little low, so slowly, ever so slowly, I backed away and grabbed for the Darlings camera, not taking my eyes off the Dragon for one second, those little guys can run like the blazes and I didn't want to be caught wandering around the back yard calling for him, a few quick fumbles and the card released from my camera, but I had to have a small peek to seat the card in the Darlings camera, looked up and the Dragon was gone!

I was devestated!
A small rustle in the leaves and I looked down right into his beady little eyes peering up at me, he was about half and inch from my toes. (thats just over 1cm. for the metric folks - and yes, we Aussies are, but as a quilter I still think Inches)  I had the overwhelming and uncanny feeling he was considering running up my leg.  Oh no, that was not going to happen, so I ripped the head off this...

 and dropped it in front of him and made a hasty retreat.  Gee, excitement and danger in the 'burbs. 
In all honesty Water Dragons are not dangerous, just look a little threatening and this one is a juvenile, there is a much bigger one that I came across sunning itself by the front steps the other day, and not a camera anywhere close.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A New Little Girl

In honour of the beautiful new little girl who arrived into our family last night, todays Photo of the Day is all about budding new life, first buds on the Camellia, barely noticeable but starting to grow.

A swollen bud protected by a hard and furry outershell, about to burst into life

Beautiful new Camillia bud, just opening and full of promise.  What will tomorow bring to this little bud?  Hopefully balmy weather and no agravating dusty winds.  Perhaps tomorow a pic of the fully opened bud.

We will be off on a Brisbane visit to meet our new Grand Niece on Sunday.  So looking forward to it, have seen pics and she is adorable.