Monday, October 12, 2009

Nose to the grindstone

Busily stitching vibrant hand painted tablecloths today, and taking pics for a tutorial on mitre corners that I will load in the near future, now I know that close ups show everything, every little flaw, dust mote, stray hair or strand of doggie fur, so I carefully polished everything, even using rainex to polish off the odd tacky bit here and there, but did I think of checking the machine foot?, nope, not a thought, after all, just one tablecloth prior I had given everything a thorough clean, changed the needle, etc, etc. you know the story!

Well imagine my astonishment, and lets not even go near the embarrassment part, when I loaded all the pics and found not only this horror, but many others of the same ilk.  Dirty, dusty, fluffy bits all over my foot.....Ack!

O.K., gotta go get some pretties, so out into the garden and was lucky enough to capture this little cutie, well yes I know, it's a weed, but heck, every weed is a pretty somewhere else in the world. 
We have an open stairwell at the front of the house, with various mainly leafy plants and a couple of interesting lilly types growing underneath, and now this little guy is trying to find a foothold, go little weed, go.

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