Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Photo of the Day

Yep, another one, another pic of a Jacaranda flower, this one a close up of one from our tree.


Banaghaisge said...

Wonder if I oculd get one to grow here? They don't like frosts that much do they? Mum got one to grow in the Mallee tho...
Poor lilacs have been in for 6 years and still have yet to get big enough to flower. They havent even hit puberty yet.
It is a tough life for plants at my place.
These are gorgeous.
How about frangipani next to make me totally envious?!

Jane or Ozjane said...

I am super envious.....forget the frangapanni...just adore this.
Makes me think of rotten wisteria which does not want to grow here.
Dogwood is my other nemisis....if this drought ever ends.....?
Moggie thanks you for the visit...

Linda said...

I can't get enough of looking at jacarandas, and I'm doing just that! They have a slight scent too, don't they? Lovely, especially when one comes across a bougainvillia climbing into a it. It's the inspiration for a new quilt!