Saturday, October 3, 2009

Run up your leg?

Its been a bit of a week, what with one thing and another not so much achieved.  This morning I decided to take the Darling up on his offer of trying out his camera, a wee tad more upmarket than my beloved Pentax. The bright idea was to use the one card and swap it between cameras, so off I went to take some closeups of the few flowers in our rather parched and now sad little garden.

While bending down to get this pic,

heard a rustle amongst the dry dead leaves and felt something brush my foot.  Now being the extremely brave soul that I am, I froze, stopped breathing already, and ever so slowly turned my eyes to behold this little guy.  He was as shocked as I, he had been chasing a flying bug for brecky, and must have lost sight of the extras in his surroundings, me and the Shitzu.  The Water Dragon just sat there and enjoyed his buggy breakfast, the Shitzu wandered off to the other side of the garden, and I started breathing, then ever so slowly turned my camera on him, after the first million shots or so, while he paraded around, even climbing up the retaining wall and posing on top,  I realised the battery was getting a little low, so slowly, ever so slowly, I backed away and grabbed for the Darlings camera, not taking my eyes off the Dragon for one second, those little guys can run like the blazes and I didn't want to be caught wandering around the back yard calling for him, a few quick fumbles and the card released from my camera, but I had to have a small peek to seat the card in the Darlings camera, looked up and the Dragon was gone!

I was devestated!
A small rustle in the leaves and I looked down right into his beady little eyes peering up at me, he was about half and inch from my toes. (thats just over 1cm. for the metric folks - and yes, we Aussies are, but as a quilter I still think Inches)  I had the overwhelming and uncanny feeling he was considering running up my leg.  Oh no, that was not going to happen, so I ripped the head off this...

 and dropped it in front of him and made a hasty retreat.  Gee, excitement and danger in the 'burbs. 
In all honesty Water Dragons are not dangerous, just look a little threatening and this one is a juvenile, there is a much bigger one that I came across sunning itself by the front steps the other day, and not a camera anywhere close.

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Linda said...

Your photos are always beautiful. And that you captured this fella in action is really something. He's quite impressive. Thanks for thinking in inches. And how many inches would HE be, from tip to tip?