Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So what do 2 Grandies and a Grandma do when....

.........Daddy, Mummy and Grandad are talking business..........well we took off, there is only so much a couple of boys can do after dinner in a restaurant, especially as their Uncle had already left,  taking  his interesting self and toys off home with him.

The youngest decided that taking pics for Grandmas blog would be the way to go, so here we have "a sticky thing like I got at home"

and a white flower, which on closer examination turned out to have a 'face'.

The eldest took his turn at the camera and composed this little pictorial story.
Firstly the bud emerging, then the full bud exposed,

followed by the unfolding bud and lastly the full flower, face and all.

and the last pic for the night, a very exciting find, a red leaf.  We live in the subtropics and a red leaf is something special.  Gotta think about taking these boys to see some Autum colours in the not too distant future.


clare's craftroom said...

Aah budding photographers great to see . Thankyou for your kind words on my blog I really do appreciate them .

Banaghaisge said...

Take them to Beechworth - it has the most extraordinary autumn feast!