Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bit off almost too much to chew,

so pardon me while I just swallow that last mouthful.  I really didn't think it through when I agreed to sew some Bali Flags, the solid blocks of time that it would take, so its been busy, busy, in my neck of the woods the past few weeks which is why I have been away from the blog world .

Yesterday I finished the last of the current batch, leaving me 2 days of blissful time to to catch up on necessary things like house work and laundry, and more importantly, sewing...........hang on, I hear you say, isn't that what shes been doing?, well yes, but when sewing goes from creating something to being paid to sew, suddenly it looses a bit of the sheen.

Anyway, I hope to get some more of my Hot Pink Aprons made, using these cute trims that I found while waiting to be served at the Fabric Store when I was getting flag stuff.

Now I don't want you to think there has been no play at all 'round here, while checking up on blogs, I came across this post by Jodie from Ric Rac, Parsley and Beet, just had to order the pattern and some of the beautiful soft wool fabric that Jodie dyes. 

It is  going to make the most wonderfully soft little elephant, will it be Parsley?, or Beet?, perhaps Parsley, with a hot pink apron over her little frock.  Oh yes, there are patterns for clothing included in the pack, Jodie is more than generous and to prove it, guess what else was included in the package? this wonderful Pyjama Day pattern and a beautiful gift card with some of her soft toys pictured on front.  With Christmas coming up fast, and pressies needed, check out Jodies blog and her Etsy store for more of her wonderful patterns.  No time to sew, got the answer, Jodie will be one of the stall holders at the up coming Daylesford Makers' Market on Saturday 28th November, starts at 10a.m. (what a reasonable time to start a market)
Check out the link above and if you are in the area, treat yourself, go visit and be amazed.

I also ordered myself a pinking blade from Punch with Judy, what a wonderful little accessory it is, but the most exciting thing I had arrive in the post was this, pretty mysterious huh?....

.....does this tell you more?

What's so exciting about a teflon mat you ask, we all have one, some people even have 2, well what's so exciting about this one is, it is a yard long, yes a yard! and entire 36 inches x 18 inches wide and all it cost was $20.  One of our sons, when he made the sewing table extension, also made a long ironing board to go on my chest of drawers, the teflon sheet fits nicely, and will be easy to use for larger projects.

Of course postage ups the ante with a charge of $11, but of course if you order in multiples then the postage shrinks, get a couple of friends together to order.
Oh, and all those odd drawer knobs? well that is where I store my fatties and the knobs are colour coded to the fatties.  Too easy!, of course the knobs I really, really wanted came from a site in London, and at over $60 per knob, and being glass, I just couldn't come at it, but oh to dream............'Jewelery for your furniture' the spiel said...........

But where to get the extra long sheets? Melody from (strangely enough Melody) talks of Extra Large Teflon Pressing Sheets on her blog, under Helpful Stuff in the sidebar.  The teflon sheet link above will take you to a Valerie Hearder supplies page for the sheets, or go visit Valerie here.

It's good to be back in blog land, now, a decision, Photo of the Day or Free Motion quilting practice..........think it will be the practice.