Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bellbirds and Aquisitions

We scooted up to Noosa yesterday morning to collect the Darlings cuz Di, and her best bud Di, -two Di's, can you imagine it! We were off to listen to some Bellbirds, Di, who in a previous life was Diana Trask was rather keen to revisit the delightful sound of Bellbirds from her childhood. 

Firstly we cruised into Eumundi for a lovely browse through the BerkelouW Bookstore, where on Di's recommendation I purchased 'The Wheatgrass Book', it has some great sounding juice ideas.

This pic borrowed from the BerkeloW site. - no camera,.... rats.....
While paying for my new old book, the shop assistant and I got chatting about wallets, mine is having a bit of a sad, one of its seams is splitting, and there is absolutely no way I am going anywhere near a shopping centre at this time of the year to get a new one.  The lovely lass suggested I pop down a couple of stores to visit Schmuttas............Schmuttas?!, not at all convinced I wandered down a couple of doors to find a wonderland, starting with their doorstep, tiled in little dark blue tiles, gosh, where was the camera???

The store is chock a block full of beautiful and unusual goodies, there were storage tins in red with white dots and white with red dots, beautiful, beautiful satin bags with bows, shoes galore, such unusual shoes, clothing to love forever, bracelets, bangles, beads.........ohh I could have stayed there for hours, but the Di's and the Darling tracked me down, but not before I fell in love with this

an Olga Berg wallet!, isn't it to die for??.  The Darling recognised that glassy eyed look and bought it for me! has a silver lining, too cute......

so back to the car, me to pat, pet and admire my new lovely while the Darling transported us off  to Kenilworth for a nice lunch. 

We sat out on the deck under shady umbrellas while the thunder clouds rolled around overhead, and eventually we were blessed with a little shower as we finished off some excellent coffees. 

We then headed off toward Imbil, passing through some beautiful scenery and eventually arrived here.........

the Bellbird park, we sat and listened and wandered around the tinsy little pocket of land, listening to the silvery tinkiling song of the Bellbirds, Di, being a songster herself, idly wondered at the note, and came to the conclusion of high C she thought. 
I took this shot of the sign standing on the main road verge, and you can see the Forestry road running up to join the main road, mainly what you see above is what you get..........this tiny pocket of land, surrounded by forest and bordered by a road is a natural habitat, a tiny fragile habitat, of an endangered Australian species.

The birds are tiny, and hard to spot, there are quite a few youtube videos, but not too many with a true Bellbird, this short clip has the sound, and a flash of what the photographer believes to be a bell bird.  After quite a few trips to this tiny sanctuary, I cannot claim to have ever seen a Bellbird.

Eventually, it was time to leave, and so continued on to Imbil with a brief visit to Borumba Dam and the Imbil lookout with it's stunning views

then on towards home through the beautiful Mary Valley, arriving at Noosa at the perfect time to relax on Di's verandah and enjoy a lovely glass of wine while listening to Di's soon to be released new C.D.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Photo of the Day

I've shown these tinsy little flowers before, if I was that tinsy (wish........) I think I would surround myself with something beautifully vibrant too.

and here they are opened, these little flowers are about 1/8" across, the vibrant bracts are actually the Bouganvillia leaves.  Clever Mother Nature!
We are off to the Bellbird park today, a long drive, and there is a ham to be readied before we go, so thats all for today folks...........

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Photo of the Day & Noisy Blogs

Its all about red today, snapped these pics last week when we visited Mary Caincross Park in the Hinterland, had a wonderful time, we managed to see more on this trip to the Park than at any other time.

Diana claimed it was all her Karma, and she could be right.. We were entranced by these hanging pannicles of red flowers, not a leaf in sight, the guide inside told us it was the Red Cedar, but nothing I can find on Google supports that. So really I can't claim they are Red Cedar flowers, you know how its so easy to get your wires crossed sometimes when asking for information.
This is another, closer view of the flowers, so it anyone can help identify these I would love to know.

The Grandies are here for a sleepover, one had a nightmare and by the time I got him settled I was wide awake at 3a.m., so what to do?, well go catch up on some of the wonderful blogs that I love to read and be inspired by, lazily following links and fully enjoying myself, I happened on a blog that suddenly errupted in a blast of loud music............arrrgh.........why do some blogs do that?  If I want to listen to music I will play my own, at my own volume, ---- well enough of that whinge.

I stitched 3 aprons yesterday afternoon, 2 for Miss Lil, who has gone from the girliest of girls to a bit of a tomboy, and one for a little lad who is having a bit of a sad time of it.........don't know if he is a budding chef or not but perhaps it will come in handy for messy play if not.

Mr Cute himself has come to see what I am up to, barely awake he tells me he needs to feed his pet on 'Club Penguin' so I guess it's off the computer for me and Club Penguin for him..........hmmmm perhaps a coffee would be in not him, he can have milk.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Photo of the Day

Captured this Hibiscus opening at 6a.m.,  soft early light, the Hibiscus are flowering well for the first time in their lives, but everything else is dying for want of a drink.  We could really do with a spot of rain round here, -like everywhere else. 

With the water shortages is Brisbane (thanks to non action by the Government to put in enough infrastructure)  water from our Dams will be pumped to Brisbane and we are facing severe water restrictions, hence not actually watering the will have to live or die on its own and it is heartbreaking.

A closer look at the stamens before they unfold. Such beautiful flowers and they only last a day.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Book Depository and Frans Biccies

Grandies came for a visit yesterday, they arrived as I was taking pics of some of the aprons that I have been sewing, so they went to see what they could find, Yay, more of Frans biccies, they were so excited.  Love Frans biccies, lovely buttery shortbreads with a cherry center.  Yum.

there was lots of sewing (the eldest) and glueing ( the youngest) who also discovered the magic of quilting pins!, he was so entranced that he cut 2 reasonably square pieces of fabric and pinned them together in one corner to make a 'book' - a gift for his Mum, that she duly admired when gifted with it.

The eldest had his first lesson on cleaning out the bobbin race, as I had just finished quite a sewing run there was lots of fluff down there so it was a good lesson.  He then went off to his little fabric stash and using the cutter/ruler - a wonderful invention that allows younger folk to cut their own fabric- he cut and stitched some lovely sequined fabric together to make a table topper for his Mum for Christmas.  Needs more work and finishing off but that can happen next week or on this weekends sleepover.
Near the end of the day he asked for some books for Christmas, so off to the Book Depository site to place an order.  He had as much fun being in charge of the mouse and doing the ordering as anticipation in receiving his books that he has wanted for quite some time. 
I have been using and recommending the Book Depository for a few months now, they seem to have the cheapest prices available, if only by a few cents, BUT and its a big but, they have free shipping worldwide, which makes them the cheapest hands down!
So imagine my consternation when Mum comes back from shopping with the same books for him! - what to do? -  shot off an e-mail to the Book Depository, asking to exchange and settled down to await a reply.
This morning I got the lovliest little note (if you can call a business e-mail a lovely little note, but to me it was) from Richard White, their Customer Advisor - no can do the exchange of titles but he very kindly cancelled the 4 titles that we had doubled up on.  One more reason to shop Book Depository.

Book Depository now back on line, it was just one of those hiccipy things.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This Quilt is Stolen!

Can you imagine how you would feel if some unpleasant person did this to you?

Ann Ferguson from Quiltopia Design had her quilt stolen from outside the doorway to her shop in Maleny last Sunday.

Ann's delightful little shop is at the end of a short arcade at 39 Maple Street, and well worth a visit, with lovely ranges of fabrics, Moda fabric packs and threads with beautiful quilts throughout the store.

Pop over to Ann's blog to read her story, and if you see this quilt or know of its whereabouts, please, encourage the return of the quilt to Ann, after all what enjoyment could you possibly get from looking at or patting a quilt that can only say one thing to you, I am stolen!
I never cross post from this blog to Buderim Patchwork blog or the other way around, but this is such a shattering thing to have happen, and its something that seems to be on the increase as we hear stories more often of quilts being stolen from quilt shops and displays.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

How cute is this face?.........

well yes, its very cute, but let me tell you it is also very expensive...............he came to me late last night to tell me he was in pain, needed lots of pats and love, but he was obviously in quite a bit of pain, tried to settle him and find out what could be wrong, but without any luck.

Thought of phoning Sis the vet nurse, but it was getting a bit late, so roused the Darling and off to the Doggie ER., where he was poked, prodded, stretched and squeezed.
The verdict, "Well he's certainly in pain but I have no idea of where or why"-- "That will be $165.00 please"

3a.m. and he still hadn't settled, so phoned the ER and the Vet suggested a dose of Mylanta, did it work? or was it just exhaustion?  4.30 he was settled and dozing under my computer desk, I snuck off to kip on the couch, woken by the Shitzu at 7.30, looking for breakfast................Pets!......why do we have them? I think I've forgotten. 
Poor little Rudie is still not happy, not as bad as last night.......but not happy.........I can see an ultrasound on the horizon.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Photo of the Day


gosh, don't you just love it.............even when it bolts and starts to flower?, took these pics and then snipped off the heads so that we would have basil leaves for just a little while longer, ahhh.....basil, tomatoes, pasta  

Christmas Party

Wednesday was the Patchwork Groups Christmas Party, full on affair organised by Group leader, Sheila, who I didn't see sit down for a moment.

Each table got to  pick on elect one of their friends to decorate as a chrissy tree, we chose Heather, the red 'tree' in the center. 
Heather has been off caravaning around for a few months and bought me this cute little thimble as a souvenier from Soverign Hill

That pattern in the background is one I bought yesterday (busy day yesterday) to attempt to make my own shirts, as its not possible - well not in this neck of the woods its not - to buy ladies oxford shirts, and although they may be as boring as bat s--t when you wear them day after day, they are the only item that I can successfully wear to help controll sun exposure.  Have you priced a pattern lately?.........20 bucks! what with that and the plain - read cheap - cotton chambray, buttons and thread it was well over 60.  This had better work.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

No sewing in this neck of the woods....

Spent the day catching up on cleaning house.........ugh!, 

Oh and a little bit of pattern patting and drooling, bought a notebook pattern from Vikki over at Sew Useful Designs, the cutest little snowman and robin redbreast, all very 3-D,  would also make a wonderful seasonal wall hanging for the younger set.  Clever Vikki sent the pattern as a download, miss not so smarty pants, downloaded the emotiocon and deleted the pattern file................ooops. 
Didn't realise at first what I had done but a simple e-mail to Vikki and she sent me another about that for service! Thank you so much Vikki.
Have now turned on my little black box, outside the computer, record keeping thing-a-ma-jig so won't loose it again.
The Grandies are coming for a sleepover, I feel a trip to Spotlight to buy some supplies and a bit of a workshop coming on.

Also bought this cute little bag pattern from Del at the Scquilters lunch the other day, there is a great post with piccies of the lunch and a tutorial of the lovely fabric beads that Del makes.  The log shaped one with the stars is the bead Del very kindly gave to the youngest Grandie who had joined us.

Photo of the Day is becoming a bit erratic, not so much each day, not so much rain and flowers are a bit sparse, will have to go further afield.........hmmm.........
Today its a Bouganvillia bloom, well it the coloured bracts around those tinsy little flowers that haven't yet opened

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Agapanthus - Photo of the Day

Its that time of the year, Jacarandas have finished blooming, and as it creeps  well rushes up to the end of the year, its time for the Agapanthus to begin blooming. This little bud is just bursting forth.

This flower is a little more advanced but still not in full bloom.

I took these pics just after a rain shower, this bloom to be looked rather cute with the water droplets and the unopened buds, each one becoming more colourful as they move towards burstin into full flower.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bees with Blue Stripes??

Thought the extra activities of the past couple of weeks had been the last straw when I found this little lady crawling around the stairwell, a bee with blue stripes?? am I halucinating? picked her up with a bit of a leaf and took her piccie, she was quite happy posing and I got quite a few shots, took her outside and continued vacuuming, then found a second, larger bee,

not doing half so well, took it outside and then took a couple of snaps, don't think this one will make it,

seemed to be too weak to hold on to anything much, and took a fall from my glasses - being used as a platform to carry her outside, in desperation I nudged her with the camera strap, she clung on like billy oh, wouldn't let go for ages. 
Of course Google came to the rescue, they are a native Australian bee, Amegilla, and are attracted to blue flowers, like the Geisha Girl Duranta by the back door. 
For some great info pop over here to 'Aussie Bee', lots of different links, piccies and info, but if you really want to lighten up your day and have a good laugh at the antics of insects in the wild, go here and watch this u-tube video.
starts off with a bee collecting nectar, fair enough and rather cute, but then there is a shot of bees trying to be top dog err,  bee on a twig and the antics of warding off a new comer.