Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bees with Blue Stripes??

Thought the extra activities of the past couple of weeks had been the last straw when I found this little lady crawling around the stairwell, a bee with blue stripes?? am I halucinating? picked her up with a bit of a leaf and took her piccie, she was quite happy posing and I got quite a few shots, took her outside and continued vacuuming, then found a second, larger bee,

not doing half so well, took it outside and then took a couple of snaps, don't think this one will make it,

seemed to be too weak to hold on to anything much, and took a fall from my glasses - being used as a platform to carry her outside, in desperation I nudged her with the camera strap, she clung on like billy oh, wouldn't let go for ages. 
Of course Google came to the rescue, they are a native Australian bee, Amegilla, and are attracted to blue flowers, like the Geisha Girl Duranta by the back door. 
For some great info pop over here to 'Aussie Bee', lots of different links, piccies and info, but if you really want to lighten up your day and have a good laugh at the antics of insects in the wild, go here and watch this u-tube video.
starts off with a bee collecting nectar, fair enough and rather cute, but then there is a shot of bees trying to be top dog err,  bee on a twig and the antics of warding off a new comer.

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