Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bellbirds and Aquisitions

We scooted up to Noosa yesterday morning to collect the Darlings cuz Di, and her best bud Di, -two Di's, can you imagine it! We were off to listen to some Bellbirds, Di, who in a previous life was Diana Trask was rather keen to revisit the delightful sound of Bellbirds from her childhood. 

Firstly we cruised into Eumundi for a lovely browse through the BerkelouW Bookstore, where on Di's recommendation I purchased 'The Wheatgrass Book', it has some great sounding juice ideas.

This pic borrowed from the BerkeloW site. - no camera,.... rats.....
While paying for my new old book, the shop assistant and I got chatting about wallets, mine is having a bit of a sad, one of its seams is splitting, and there is absolutely no way I am going anywhere near a shopping centre at this time of the year to get a new one.  The lovely lass suggested I pop down a couple of stores to visit Schmuttas............Schmuttas?!, not at all convinced I wandered down a couple of doors to find a wonderland, starting with their doorstep, tiled in little dark blue tiles, gosh, where was the camera???

The store is chock a block full of beautiful and unusual goodies, there were storage tins in red with white dots and white with red dots, beautiful, beautiful satin bags with bows, shoes galore, such unusual shoes, clothing to love forever, bracelets, bangles, beads.........ohh I could have stayed there for hours, but the Di's and the Darling tracked me down, but not before I fell in love with this

an Olga Berg wallet!, isn't it to die for??.  The Darling recognised that glassy eyed look and bought it for me! has a silver lining, too cute......

so back to the car, me to pat, pet and admire my new lovely while the Darling transported us off  to Kenilworth for a nice lunch. 

We sat out on the deck under shady umbrellas while the thunder clouds rolled around overhead, and eventually we were blessed with a little shower as we finished off some excellent coffees. 

We then headed off toward Imbil, passing through some beautiful scenery and eventually arrived here.........

the Bellbird park, we sat and listened and wandered around the tinsy little pocket of land, listening to the silvery tinkiling song of the Bellbirds, Di, being a songster herself, idly wondered at the note, and came to the conclusion of high C she thought. 
I took this shot of the sign standing on the main road verge, and you can see the Forestry road running up to join the main road, mainly what you see above is what you get..........this tiny pocket of land, surrounded by forest and bordered by a road is a natural habitat, a tiny fragile habitat, of an endangered Australian species.

The birds are tiny, and hard to spot, there are quite a few youtube videos, but not too many with a true Bellbird, this short clip has the sound, and a flash of what the photographer believes to be a bell bird.  After quite a few trips to this tiny sanctuary, I cannot claim to have ever seen a Bellbird.

Eventually, it was time to leave, and so continued on to Imbil with a brief visit to Borumba Dam and the Imbil lookout with it's stunning views

then on towards home through the beautiful Mary Valley, arriving at Noosa at the perfect time to relax on Di's verandah and enjoy a lovely glass of wine while listening to Di's soon to be released new C.D.


Linda said...

Thank you for introducing me to bellbirds! I've never heard of such a bird, let alone HEARD the bird, so thank you for the link too. What a lovely sound. Amazing that a creature can do that!

Your new green wallet is great! Looks like the perfect early Christmas gift. Merry Christmas!

Trish Goodfield said...

Green is supposed to be a very lucky colour for a wallet according to my mother. This one is such a rich colour so I hope she's right.

turi said...

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Sew Useful Designs said...

Oh WOW! What a gorgeous day you've shared! I can feel your excitement and gosh, wish I was there! :-)

As for the Olga Berg wallet.... someone please release me from the slobber that is gluing me to my desk! LOL... gorgeous!!!

Hugs! Vikki x :-)