Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Book Depository and Frans Biccies

Grandies came for a visit yesterday, they arrived as I was taking pics of some of the aprons that I have been sewing, so they went to see what they could find, Yay, more of Frans biccies, they were so excited.  Love Frans biccies, lovely buttery shortbreads with a cherry center.  Yum.

there was lots of sewing (the eldest) and glueing ( the youngest) who also discovered the magic of quilting pins!, he was so entranced that he cut 2 reasonably square pieces of fabric and pinned them together in one corner to make a 'book' - a gift for his Mum, that she duly admired when gifted with it.

The eldest had his first lesson on cleaning out the bobbin race, as I had just finished quite a sewing run there was lots of fluff down there so it was a good lesson.  He then went off to his little fabric stash and using the cutter/ruler - a wonderful invention that allows younger folk to cut their own fabric- he cut and stitched some lovely sequined fabric together to make a table topper for his Mum for Christmas.  Needs more work and finishing off but that can happen next week or on this weekends sleepover.
Near the end of the day he asked for some books for Christmas, so off to the Book Depository site to place an order.  He had as much fun being in charge of the mouse and doing the ordering as anticipation in receiving his books that he has wanted for quite some time. 
I have been using and recommending the Book Depository for a few months now, they seem to have the cheapest prices available, if only by a few cents, BUT and its a big but, they have free shipping worldwide, which makes them the cheapest hands down!
So imagine my consternation when Mum comes back from shopping with the same books for him! - what to do? -  shot off an e-mail to the Book Depository, asking to exchange and settled down to await a reply.
This morning I got the lovliest little note (if you can call a business e-mail a lovely little note, but to me it was) from Richard White, their Customer Advisor - no can do the exchange of titles but he very kindly cancelled the 4 titles that we had doubled up on.  One more reason to shop Book Depository.

Book Depository now back on line, it was just one of those hiccipy things.

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Trish Goodfield said...

What great customer service. I tell everyone about them as well. This will just add to my recommendation.