Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Party

Wednesday was the Patchwork Groups Christmas Party, full on affair organised by Group leader, Sheila, who I didn't see sit down for a moment.

Each table got to  pick on elect one of their friends to decorate as a chrissy tree, we chose Heather, the red 'tree' in the center. 
Heather has been off caravaning around for a few months and bought me this cute little thimble as a souvenier from Soverign Hill

That pattern in the background is one I bought yesterday (busy day yesterday) to attempt to make my own shirts, as its not possible - well not in this neck of the woods its not - to buy ladies oxford shirts, and although they may be as boring as bat s--t when you wear them day after day, they are the only item that I can successfully wear to help controll sun exposure.  Have you priced a pattern lately?.........20 bucks! what with that and the plain - read cheap - cotton chambray, buttons and thread it was well over 60.  This had better work.

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