Saturday, December 12, 2009

How cute is this face?.........

well yes, its very cute, but let me tell you it is also very expensive...............he came to me late last night to tell me he was in pain, needed lots of pats and love, but he was obviously in quite a bit of pain, tried to settle him and find out what could be wrong, but without any luck.

Thought of phoning Sis the vet nurse, but it was getting a bit late, so roused the Darling and off to the Doggie ER., where he was poked, prodded, stretched and squeezed.
The verdict, "Well he's certainly in pain but I have no idea of where or why"-- "That will be $165.00 please"

3a.m. and he still hadn't settled, so phoned the ER and the Vet suggested a dose of Mylanta, did it work? or was it just exhaustion?  4.30 he was settled and dozing under my computer desk, I snuck off to kip on the couch, woken by the Shitzu at 7.30, looking for breakfast................Pets!......why do we have them? I think I've forgotten. 
Poor little Rudie is still not happy, not as bad as last night.......but not happy.........I can see an ultrasound on the horizon.

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Linda said...

Oh, poor Rudie! We love our pets to pieces, don't we? But they're a pain in the neck sometimes too, aren't they? Give him a cuddle. Let us know how it goes.