Sunday, December 20, 2009

Photo of the Day & Noisy Blogs

Its all about red today, snapped these pics last week when we visited Mary Caincross Park in the Hinterland, had a wonderful time, we managed to see more on this trip to the Park than at any other time.

Diana claimed it was all her Karma, and she could be right.. We were entranced by these hanging pannicles of red flowers, not a leaf in sight, the guide inside told us it was the Red Cedar, but nothing I can find on Google supports that. So really I can't claim they are Red Cedar flowers, you know how its so easy to get your wires crossed sometimes when asking for information.
This is another, closer view of the flowers, so it anyone can help identify these I would love to know.

The Grandies are here for a sleepover, one had a nightmare and by the time I got him settled I was wide awake at 3a.m., so what to do?, well go catch up on some of the wonderful blogs that I love to read and be inspired by, lazily following links and fully enjoying myself, I happened on a blog that suddenly errupted in a blast of loud music............arrrgh.........why do some blogs do that?  If I want to listen to music I will play my own, at my own volume, ---- well enough of that whinge.

I stitched 3 aprons yesterday afternoon, 2 for Miss Lil, who has gone from the girliest of girls to a bit of a tomboy, and one for a little lad who is having a bit of a sad time of it.........don't know if he is a budding chef or not but perhaps it will come in handy for messy play if not.

Mr Cute himself has come to see what I am up to, barely awake he tells me he needs to feed his pet on 'Club Penguin' so I guess it's off the computer for me and Club Penguin for him..........hmmmm perhaps a coffee would be in not him, he can have milk.

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Wendy B said...

those berries are spectacular aren't they??? Can't help you with what they are, I've no idea but they are so appropriate at this time of year!!! Love your photos...sometimes just so nice to stop and look at the things around us!